How Companies Are Baling Cardboard To Increase Profits & Cut Costs

With the value of cardboard waste increasing because of demands since the pandemic, businesses across the UK are baling their waste materials in order to save money. You may be producing cardboard packaging, boxes, or containers, all of which you can bale and sell onto recycling companies to open up a new revenue stream. Making use of this is a great tacitic to pull in new profits to your business and save high costs to dispose of the waste yourself.

baling cardboard

How Can I Bale My Cardboard Waste?

To bale your waste effectively you will need to hire or purchase a cardboard baler. This machinery will compress your waste into neat, compact blocks using a pressing plate. Once the waste has entered the feed and finished this process, the cardboard will exit in crushed bales of cardboard. 

This reduces the volume and prepares it appropriately to be collected and taken through the recycling process. By using this equipment and having the waste reduced, you can designate an area for the waste to safely sit and save space at your business, rather than having overflowing waste bins and hazards present.

What Are The Benefits Of Baling Cardboard?

Huge Financial Rewards

Selling your waste cardboard is the perfect way to make money from what would usually be disposed of as rubbish. Bales of cardboard are valuable materials and recyclers can benefit from this to repurpose the waste into new products. 

By baling your cardboard you will also be able to reduce the number of collections due to the volume of waste being cut. This saves hauling costs and high prices to dispose of the cardboard waste. In addition, you may see a reduction in labour costs due to less time being spent on waste management and handling your cardboard waste inefficiently. 

Boosting Green Credentials

There are various cost benefits of boosting green credentials, such as becoming attractive to a wider client base. People admire businesses that are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, and this can help you to grab the attention of a broader audience and pull in more profits to the business. 

This may also be the difference between you and your competitors, giving you a step up and advantage to be chosen over similar companies. On another note, you can also act as inspiration for others to follow and lead to push for a greener industry.

Increasing Recycling Rates

One of the top advantages of purchasing a cardboard baler is increasing recycling rates; this is because recycling companies will collect and offer rebates for baled materials. By using this process, bins can be removed and waste can be repurposed to introduce back into the market.

Having a waste baler to reduce your environmental impact will also push to cut your carbon footprint, and save waste from ending up in landfills. This will lower toxic emissions, save raw materials from being overused in production and lessen energy useage. All of this is essential for businesses producing large amounts of waste that will have a greater impact on pollution and the sustainability of our planet.

With Both The Cost And Environmental Benefits, Its A Double Win For Businesses!

There are businesses from a variety of sectors that have not yet realised the benefits of balers where bulk loads of cardboard waste is produced. This may be companies including manufacturers, retail shops and factories. Getting an insight into the vast advantages you can receive from the value of cardboard is key to leveling up and increasing profits for your business successfully.