How about an interior that doesn’t age?

Are you starting a new home and afraid that expensive equipment will soon go out of fashion? Your worries are justified. For this reason, we will advise you on how to arrange your interior so that it provides you with full satisfaction, for example, for your entire life.

Ignore trends, stick to your own preferences

If you want a home “just like the one in the catalogue”, then your worries will probably come true. In principle, furniture sellers and various lifestyle magazines on housing must rely on fashion trends. With their help, they can increase sales.

It’s the efforts to increase sales that has caused furniture to become consumer goods today. In the stores you’ll find a lot of affordable furniture, although it generally only has a lifespan lasting a few years. Not only in terms of fashion trends, but also physical wear and tear.

Therefore, instead of making your home “just like the catalogue”, you better give thought to what you really want. It can be a material or a design element completely outside the current time. therefore, if you really like it, you won’t become tired of it. Your imagination has no limits, so you can have armchairs hanging from the living room ceiling instead of a classic sofa.

A skilled carpenter can make original tailor-made furniture. Honest craftsmanship never grows old.

Take a look at history

To a greater extent than the choice given by the retailer, furniture that will be “in” for a long time is chosen on the basis of the past. Take a look at older homes and see which design elements are usable today. If something has survived decades of trend development, it is likely to continue to do so.

One example for all is a parquet flooring. But you’ll also find many other elements that fashion trends ignore.

Rely on quality materials

As mentioned above, retail chains force customers to behave in a consumerous manner even when buying furniture. For this reason, furniture is affordable, but it also has a shorter lifespan.

Defence is easy – choose more expensive pieces of solid wood and use metal elements instead of plastic. This type of furniture has an incomparably longer service life in terms of design and also in terms of anti-damage.

Be careful with patterns and motifs

If your aim is a good-looking interior in the long-term, you should be very careful in relations to the colours and patterns you choose.

Coloured interior paint loses it looks much faster than neutral white. Tiles and other surfaces are similar. Here, too, the power is often in its simplicity. Choose toned down colours and simple patterns to uncertain experiments.

If you insist on using your own and prefer more complex decors, try to find a uniform style that will be repeated throughout your home. If your interior will be done in the “Every dog, different village” style, you’ll probably start to partially regret it relatively quickly.