The Best Sponsorship Activation Ideas

What makes a good sponsorship activation idea? How does a company come up with the best sports sponsorships? Understanding what goes into great sports sponsorship activation ideas helps companies create stronger and more valuable sponsorships.


Designed for Experience

The best sports sponsorship activation ideas must conform to the principles of experience design. It is all about integrating marketing into events without overwhelming audiences. Subtlety is key.

Digital campaigns have been successful when using consumers’ daily experiences in promotions. The sponsorship should delicately influence consumers’ buying habits even after it is over.

When a company delves into digital sponsorship activation, it must prioritize relevance and, among other things, the needs of the audiences. The best sports sponsorship activation ideas captivate minds and boost engagement levels from the beginning to the end of the event.

Top Sports Sponsorship Activation Ideas To Try

How do brands activate a sports sponsorship? How can a company be the best sponsor out there?

Sponsoring Esports Leagues

The esports market is rising, allowing for a new way to connect with consumers. Through sponsoring fantasy teams, brands can get their products in front of a larger audience, providing a more interactive experience for fans.

A great example of a brand that sponsors esports is Microsoft. The company has sponsored multiple teams and tournaments, including Halo and Gears of War.

Microsoft uses these events to promote its Xbox line of products. This strategy has been successful as Microsoft has been able to expand the reach of its brand while offering interactive experiences to esports fans.

Branded Merchandise

If a company wants to increase brand awareness and loyalty at sporting events, branded merchandise is the answer. Some teams even invite sponsors onto their platforms to showcase their products before each game begins and after it ends.

It may seem like a small gesture, but the impact can be huge. Offering branded gear allows fans to show their support for the brand. They’ll also have something tangible to use as an icebreaker when talking with other people who attend games.

VR Game Booths

VR game booths are a great way for companies to engage their audiences. The booths can serve as powerful attraction spots during events since they are extremely popular.

The idea behind VR gaming is that players put on an HMD (head-mounted display) and play against other people in real-time. The technology allows for fun and realistic interactions, and companies can use this to improve brand love.

Selfie Contests

Crowd-sourced selfies can be a great way to generate buzz as a sporting event sponsor. Companies could have attendees post their selfies on social media with the event’s hashtag and reward the best-voted picture.

In addition to promoting the event, this strategy also helps promote new products or services from sponsors in an authentic way.

360 Tours

Businesses can use 360 tours to showcase the brand’s culture and product line. This strategy is an excellent way for sponsors to provide access to behind-the-scenes content. Audiences will get an insider look at what makes the company unique.

Linking a 3D tour to the event’s main webpage or social media is a great way to give customers a feel for the brand. These virtual tours will get people excited to buy something and give them a feel for the product or service!

Virtual CSR QR Codes

Through strategic QR codes on caps and T-shirts, brands can take event attendees on virtual charity trips. The trips could be to Africa or Peru, where they donate shoes, water, or vaccines to people in dire need. Unlike other sports sponsorship activation ideas, showcasing community social responsibility can help raise awareness and funds for a charity or cause the company supports.

Start Testing Them

A successful sports sponsorship activation must be fun, exciting, and informative. Sponsors should communicate their goals and expected outcomes to attendees. The best sports sponsorship activation ideas should guarantee that all participants have a great and memorable experience.