The Advantages of Salesforce for HR

Much of the HR software industry is predicated on the concept that HR procedures expand organically, thus no two firms look the same when digitised.

There have typically been two alternatives available to choose from when searching for HR tools that are tailored to your specific requirements.

You might also consider using many systems in conjunction with one another and stacking them. This means your unique procedures may be executed as intended, but the expense of several subscriptions might soon grow.

Integrating many specialised tools is complicated, yet not integrating them creates a time-sink data consistency nightmare with no synching across systems, and reporting and automation problems. At the same time, multiple system log-ins and interfaces make onboarding difficult and negatively impacts the user experience. It’s a method that may work for small organisations, but as your business expands, it’ll become too difficult to manage.

The other choice is to go with a generalist HRMS platform that is rigid in its approach yet can handle all of the tasks. However, because processes evolve and expand, this strategy might leave you with an inflexible system, requiring expert tools to address holes in the future – putting you back at square one.

The dilemma of whether to go with a specialist or general HR tool is one for which there is no clear-cut solution. But now, with the rise of SaaS and huge platforms like Salesforce (which are used by more and more businesses to store and process data) there is a new option that gives you the best of both worlds.

Using Salesforce for HR

The phrase “single platform approach” is often thrown about in IT circles, but it seldom has any bearing on HR. But for human resource professionals working in organisations that already employ a cloud platform, it’s a concept that incorporates a whole host of advantages. That’s why HR software specialists like XCD choose to build on Salesforce.

Salesforce is not just about sales, which is a common and perfectly reasonable misconception. What started as a tool to revolutionise customer experience has become one of the most complex data processing, engagement, and analytics engines ever constructed. Think of it as a very flexible scaffolding that we can use to build almost any system a business needs. This is why Salesforce is the most popular and trusted corporate cloud in the world today.

Technology should serve your organisation rather than the other way around. You want software that won’t put you in a box and can accommodate the specific procedures that make up your HR operation’s foundation.

Using Salesforce to supply HRMS makes HR software providers like XCD and others very versatile and adjustable, enabling them to solve unique vertical difficulties on a strong platform using a set of well-understood programming concepts — not only addressing but also future-proofing your existing challenges.