The Benefits Of Commercial Recycling

Commercial recycling can have lots of benefits to your business. Businesses taking on large commercial projects can produce a huge bulk load of waste, with a large majority being recyclable. However, often we see these businesses disposing of materials wrongly, resulting in a greater chance of damaging the planet and finding waste piling up in landfill sites. In fact, the latest estimates for England only, indicate that commercial and industrial waste generation was around 33.8 million tonnes in 2020.

Commercial Recycling

Promoting sustainable business during commercial projects, such as construction work, is key to reducing pollution and can easily be implemented by organisations of all sizes. Understanding why you should focus on commercial waste recycling will help you adapt the way you take on commercial projects and push to boost your green credentials in all aspects of your business.

Why Should I Recycle Commercial Waste?

  • Saves Raw Materials

Recycling waste from your commercial projects will save a monumental amount of energy and resources from being overused. Energy production and consumption has a direct impact on polluting the atmosphere and speeding up the rate of global warming. As well as this, we are running out of scarce resources taken every single day to create products at a rapid rate.

Implementing a recycling program and collection service with a specialist waste management company will guarantee your materials are repurposed effectively. This will not only increase your recycling rates, but also introduce products back into the market for businesses in your sector to reuse.

  • Saves You Time

Partnering with a business that can deal with the whole waste contract means that they can manage all of your waste streams and types of recycling. This means there’s no need for you to take time segregating materials yourself, juggling multiple waste bins and transporting materials to disposal centers or sites. 

  • Saves You Money

More often than not, recycling companies will offer you rebates for large amounts of waste. This opens up a new stream of money for your business and can become a valuable income from what would usually be treated as rubbish. Many businesses have no idea just how profitable the waste they are producing is to recyclers, and how easy it is to make extra money from their commercial projects. 

  • Saves Employee Retention

Each year the world is demanding more greener workplaces, not only for consumers but also for people looking for work. People feel more motivated and excited to work for a business that is acting sustainably and implementing recycling schemes. Studies have even shown that more than 70% of millennials said that they were more likely to choose to work at a company with a strong environmental agenda: With 10% of workers even saying they’d be willing to go as far as to take a $5,000-$10,000 pay cut. This huge necessity for young people looking for work shows just how important it is to incorporate recycling programs and initiatives into your business plan for both hiring and retaining employees.

What Commercial Waste Can I Recycle?

All items such as plastic, cardboard, metal, wood, general trade waste and even hazardous materials can be recycled. These would usually be transported to a licensed recycling facility, where waste will be divided into segregated waste streams and dealt with appropriately. 

Leftover waste can even be converted into energy as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to be used in energy plants; usually taken from commercial or industrial site waste to produce electricity. This can give you the satisfaction that every corner of your commercial project is acting in an environmentally friendly manner to create a better future for our planet.