Biggest Trends Of 2022 In Sports Betting

Gambling in sports is one of the most significant past times. We just love to gamble on that go-to sporting event or our favourite athlete. Some might love boxing, some might love football, whilst others would enjoy betting on basketball and even on other not so prominent and featured sporting events.

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Gambling, thanks to its humble beginnings to betting on horses, has developed widely across the globe, with many punters heading to UK and non UK betting sites to wager their money on sports. Although the casino scene is also flourishing, with the UKGC telling us about potential growth in online casino gambling, still sports betting dominates the scene. Today we take a closer look at the biggest trends in sports betting for 2022. With a world pandemic almost under our belt, sports are back in full swing with major sporting events coming up; hence what better time to brush up on the sports betting trends?

Football Is Always a Fan Favourite

Whilst many sports have gained momentum, especially during summer, football remains a fan favourite. Football bettors have various football markets to wager on with such tournaments as the English Premier League, La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Seria A, and others. This year also features a massive football event, with the Qatar World Cup being the first to be held in the winter in the tournament’s history. Recent events such as the UEFA Champions League and such prominent football sporting events also serve as a platform for new bettors to take a chance on football; hence the football market has thrived.

Betting on Fantasy football, the fictitious online tournament where you can choose imaginary players to build up your football squad, has gained momentum nowadays. Punters would be able to bet on a specific team, and if that team wins particular games or the overall competition, the bettor wins. Betting on virtual teams is now the norm.

Is Betting On Boxing The New Trend For 2022?

2022 graced us with some of the biggest boxing fights in sports history. You can switch on DAZN or Sky Sports Boxing every Saturday for a night of uppercuts and KOs. We watched GGG win over Japan’s Murata on Golovkin’s 40th birthday; we saw Tyson Fury sell out a Wembley Stadium to defend his WBC title against Dillan Whyte. We saw the first female headline at Madison Square Garden with Taylor vs Serrano. We still have Clarissa Shields vs Savannah Marshall, Canelo vs GGG and Joshua vs Usyk coming up later this year. 2022 was a great year for boxing, with sanctioned world defence titles happening at least once a month. Boxing promoters are also rising, with Matchroom Boxing Prez Eddie Hearn leading the show, building the hypes, and roping in social media personalities like Jake Paul in the mix.

We have to repeat it, 2022 was and is a great year for boxing and also betting on the sport. With so many belts on the lines, world titles, and qualification bouts, gamblers have taken a liking to the sports and started to place wagers regularly.

Crypto Currencies Usage Is On The Rise In Sports Betting

You will find many differences if we compare cryptocurrencies to your traditional credit card. For starters, your credit cards could be subjected to fraud if you are showing your details online. With crypto, you are adding many layers of security to your payments, protecting your personal and financial data. When using crypto for sports betting, you could also benefit from no transaction fees that are sometimes imposed when using other payment methods. Other benefits include crypto not being that much in the limelight for regulators; hence you have a bit more freedom when depositing your funds and adhering to personal financial limits.

Crypto and blockchain are also deemed influential in the stock markets; hence a small investment on your part could be pretty beneficial, making you profits in the process. However, the most significant attribute that connects a player to using cryptocurrencies is the level of anonymity that the payment methods provide. Apart from being a structured payment to disguise your online persona, crypto is also super secure and 100% legitimate.

Esports Betting Is Still a Fan Favourite

When we were all locked up in Covis-19 quarantines, we all suffered. Some got sick, some enjoyed the solitude of isolation, some watched back-to-back episodes of Tiger King, and the rest of us turned to e-sports betting. Since most sporting events were cancelled, and only a limited few were held with no spectators, and behind closed doors, e-sports took a massive spin. Punters that usually bet on horses moved on to virtual horse racing. Football fans are starting to dip their toes into football fantasy and other online tournaments. Greyhounds also were a new sensation that casino providers launched with punters enjoying. You could also bet on Car and motor racing if that is your gig.

Once sporting events resumed and we all took a slight hiatus enjoying the newly found freedom of fresh air, punters could not let go of e-sports. With the UKGC advising a rising e-sports betting market during lockdown periods, to date, the figures are still going strong, even with sporting events now in full swing.

What To Expect In The Sports Betting Market?

As sports betting platforms continue to launch daily, the competition is fierce. We continue to expect more offers and prompts from gambling sites, with a promise of a good time.

AI will continue to grow and is also featured massively in trade gambling shows worldwide; hence we expect to see quite a move and development in that regard.  Maybe voice recognition with betting could be on the table, along with 5D animations stringing along when making your wagers.

With the World Cup on our doorstep waiting after the summer period, we have much to look forward to also, and football markets will be the focus that will determine which gambling site you opt to wager. The more markets available, the more fun your football wagers will deliver.

As sports continue to grow sporadically, we expect 2022 to be a big one. Modernisation of gambling sites along with a great UX is a key focus for betting sites, along with BI and Artificial Intelligence. Hold tight dear gambler; whilst 2020 was a year we all wanted to forget and move on from, here we are now in 2022, enjoying back life and our beloved sports betting. Life is good, dear punters.