Using Virtual Phone Numbers To Track & Measure Marketing Results 

One use of virtual phone numbers in a company is ensuring that customers contact the correct department based on the reason for calling. But that is only one side of virtual phone numbers.

Virtual Phone Numbers

When customers call, it shows they are interested and ready to do business with you. That means if you can get the motivation behind the call, the virtual numbers can be an excellent source for crucial data that you can use to track, measure, and optimize your marketing efforts. 

Breakdown of Your Marketing Campaigns into Separate Compartments

The good thing about virtual phone numbers is that you can have as many of them as you want. 

Even better, you can have your campaigns categorized into different parts in the sales funnel and assign a number to every compartment. You can create compartments for every marketing channel’s sales funnel, for example, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, PPC, and sponsored ads. 

By ensuring every compartment has a unique phone number, you can gather deep insight into the performance of your pages and ads. A little mix-up in assigning numbers can result in unreliable data that is not so reliable, so you may want to consider working with an expert when assigning numbers. You may also want to incorporate call tracking software.

Tracking Your Campaigns Metrics

  • Platform Performance

When running a PPC campaign on different social media platforms, tracking the calls coming in through numbers assigned to each platform is a great way to identify where your campaign is performing the best. That way, it becomes much easier to identify where you need to invest more of your time and resources. 

For example, if you notice more calls coming from your Twitter campaign, you may want to focus more on Twitter than the rest or find ways of tweaking the rest.

  • Page Performance

If you assign a unique phone number for each of your pages, you will also be able to track pages that bring in more calls. This can help you look at what makes the pages unique and tailor your future content based on your best-performing pages.

  • Caller’s Stage in the Sales Funnel

Another metric you could measure with virtual numbers is how far a customer is in their buying journey, so you can tailor your sales approach to fit them. The content your audience interacts with can tell you where they are at in their buying journey. 

Say your company deals with virtual phone numbers. If a call comes in from a number you have assigned an article titled “what is a virtual number?” you can tell they are at the initial stages but interested in learning more.

Similarly, if the call comes in through a number assigned to an article titled “what to look for in a virtual number,” they are probably ready to purchase.

Optimize Your Campaigns

The main reason for gathering data is because you want to tailor your campaigns to run at their optimum. So after gathering data from the metrics you are tracking with your virtual phone numbers, the next step would be acting on the data. 

For example, if you identify ads that are not bringing in any calls, you can drop them to focus on those that are performing best.

Every dollar counts in marketing, and you do not want to put dollars in a failing ad when you could use it to promote a better-performing one.

Get a Virtual Number

If you haven’t used a virtual phone number to track your marketing success, you are missing out on many benefits. But you can start where you are. 

Because of the overwhelming number of virtual phone number providers, you will want to compare several options before choosing one. However, the best virtual phone number company must be affordable, offer the necessary convenience, deliver quality phone calls, and have excellent customer support.