How To Attract More Customers To Your Coffee Shop

It’s important to continually refresh your menu and customer offer in any coffee shop every now and again. Otherwise you run the risk of declining footfall and empty tables.

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There is a very simple solution to make your offer more appealing to families with young children; add a slush machine to your coffee shop.

You really can’t go wrong when you bring a slush machine into the equation.
It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like these refreshing drinks!

Once you buy a slush machine, you’ll get to attract a variety of clients, especially:

●      Families with kids: some of them will just want to grab some slush drinks for their children while on the go, whereas some others will happily sit for a while if you have some tables.

  • Young people looking for something different: from couples to groups of friends, your slush drinks can be an exciting alternative to coffee dates or canned drinks. You could consider selling some cocktail slush, too.
  • Passersby: slush drinks are the perfect treat to be enjoyed on the go, whether that’s walking into town or heading to work and university.

Costs And Profits

All sounds great, but you want to talk numbers now, don’t you? Well, here’s what you can expect.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s probably hard to believe but running a slush machine costs… less than £1 per day. And machines are readily available either to buy outright or lease with minimal up-front commitment.

How Much Do Slushies Cost To Make?

Making a slushie doesn’t cost much at all. We’re talking around 27% of your final price if we consider the average retail value of £1.46 (or £1.75 with VAT).

The overall profit and figures will depend on whether you’re just adding a machine to your existing business or starting a new one.

To give you an idea, if you were to sell 20 slush drinks a day you can expect a weekly profit of over £120. 100 slush drinks? Over £600 a week.

Top Tips

1. Invest In The Best Slush Equipment

Only consider reliable commercial slush machines that will delight your customers with impeccable slushies for years. Here’s how to choose the best slush maker for your business.

You’ll also need slush syrups and consumables like cups, lids, and straws.

2. Impress Your Customers

The good news is that there are many syrup flavours for you to choose from and they are very easy to make.

You don’t have stick to a standard few colours. Get creative and surprise your lucky customers with the tastiest and most colourful drinks. And making syrups is extremely easy, all you need is:

  • A slush machine
  • Your favourite slush syrup
  • Water

We recommend starting with 1:6 and adjusting it according to your personal preference once you’ve tried your first slush drink.

2.    Promote Your Business

Tell everyone about your slush magic!

Use social media channels to spread the word about this new addition to your coffee shop or new venture if you are starting from scratch.

And here’s the best thing: colourful slush drinks are incredibly instagrammable, so get creative!

During quieter days and months attract customers with some juicy deals, such as two-for-one on cocktail slush, family bundles, or themed evenings.

Best of luck with your new venture!