4 Business Advantages Of A Multi-Lingual Website

The world has become a global village, thanks to the internet. Apart from enhancing international communications, modern technologies have also made it easier for businesses to sell their products in new regions. As a seller in the U.K., for instance, you can reach out to potential customers in the U.S. or whole continents without having to travel all the way by using a multi-lingual website.

Among the main factors that have made this move more practical is the use of business websites. Potential clients from different countries can access your products and services by simply logging into your site.

However, for people overseas to browse through your website and check out your items, they must be able to understand its contents. That’s why every global business today is investing in a reputable multi language translator. What exactly are the advantages of having a multi-lingual website for your business? Here are some important reasons why you should consider it:

1. It Enhances User Experience

If you’ve decided to take your business to the international market, then you should be ready to accommodate users from all your target countries. Unfortunately, many companies present their content in English or their local language, but rely on a generic translator to convert it to other languages. Inasmuch as it might help to some extent, it’s not the best option when the user’s experience is at stake.

According to research, about 76% of online customers prefer to browse and buy products tagged in their native language. Therefore, if your business is to compete with the rest in the market, it’ll have to meet these needs. There are many factors to consider before you can succeed in that department and one of them is the development of a multi-lingual website. (1)

Once you have your language translator and other important web features in place, you’ll have a better chance of attracting more customers within a given region. The leads you generate will not only relate to your brand but also find it easier to trust your business.

2. Improves Your SEO Traffic

Search engine optimization is a very crucial aspect for any online business. One of the best ways of enhancing your SEO performance in the international market is by integrating more languages into your website. Google and other search engines always show results that satisfy the user’s intent, and their native language is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding that. (2)

For example, someone in a French-speaking region is likely to see more websites written in French as part of their search results. Therefore, to fall into this category, you’ll have to curate your content to match French content.

3. It Gives You A Competitive Edge Over Your Rivals

The biggest problem with relying solely on Google Translate for your multi-lingual website is the fact that results are always an estimate of the actual information being relayed. In a worst-case scenario, the automatic translation might relay the wrong info because it can’t translate in-context phrases. You can gain a competitive edge over other brands by creating your web content in different languages from scratch.

Doing this will ensure that your content is accurate and reflects the culture of your target market. To accomplish this goal, you may want to hire content creators from the regions where you’re looking to sell your products. This way, you’ll be able to strengthen the brand reputation and your prospective customers will be able to relate to your business. (3)

4. Offers A Cost-effective Marketing Avenue

Digital marketing plays a significant role in generating sales for any modern business. However, some of the marketing techniques can be quite expensive. Hiring social media influencers or paying mainstream media for advertisements in a foreign country may require huge investments.

Your website gives you a cost-efficient way of reaching potential customers and marketing your products without breaking the bank. This strategy costs about two-thirds less than other traditional channels. When done right, you have a chance to generate almost three times the leads you would get when using other marketing methods.


Marketing your products beyond national borders can be quite tricky if you don’t have the right resources in place. Among the main investments you should consider for the success of your brand in such markets is a multi-lingual website. Building a website that communicates to prospects in their local dialect enhances user experience.

Doing so also increases your international SEO performance because one of the factors considered by search engines is the language of the user. Investing in a good website translator or creating content in various languages gives you a competitive edge and improves your brand’s image. Be sure to research and come up with content that reflects the culture of the prospective customers to enhance your success.


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