Food Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

The food industry has been continuously working to enhance food production and its quality with the help of technology. These industries aim to maximize the output of food production with minimum or no effect on food safety to cater to the needs of the growing demands of consumers.

Food technology

Food technology is the application of information generated by food science, food engineering, food processing, food microbiology, food chemistry, food preservation, food microbiology, food product technology, and the most important thing: food safety.

Following are a few food technology trends that you can consider.

Neutraceuticals and Personalized Nutrition

Nutraceuticals are food products that can replace pharmaceuticals as they have medicinal properties. It is a part of the diet and reduces the need for external medication to fight diseases. It works as a method of prevention rather than cure.

Targeted nutrition is a personalized nutritional product for creating a healthy and balanced diet for individuals with specific needs. They are used to combat malnutrition; and macro and micronutrient deficiencies.

Flavor, Texture, and Color

Coloring foods release their color and impart it to the food in which it is mixed. They can be liquid or powdered food colouring solutions. Widely these colors are used with beverages. The most eye-catching food colors are red and yellow, which is why some food product brands have a red and yellow color in their brand logo.

Flavor texture and colors influence the choice of consumers. They look for new and exotic flavors and colors that attract their eyes and stimulate their mind and taste buds.


There are many packaging trends in use. Packaging with labels and scannable codes provides the product details on the go. This packaging uses vintage or minimal graphics that influence the minds of consumers and engage them emotionally.

Better food packaging alternatives increase the shelf life of food. Maintaining the freshness of food products is required while selling them, and Antimicrobial food packaging prevents the food from getting rot. Other packaging trends include transparent packing, personalized labeling, and product portability.

Food Safety and Transparency

Food safety ensures that processed food has not affected its nutritional value and that the product ingredients are not bad for the health. Consumers are mindful of what product they consume and are curious about the health benefits it provides.

To ensure this, transparency on the product ingredients, its benefits, and expected health effects for people with allergies and other health conditions are there on labels and packaging.

Food Waste Reduction

A certain amount of food is removed as waste while processing it. Sustainable practices and monitoring solutions help reduce the waste generated by the food and beverage industry.

Food waste goes to the landfills for dumping, where it rots and converts to methane, releases water, and harms biodiversity.


Food technology trends helps food producers and consumers understand the market requirements and come ways to fulfill them. It enhances the food quality and its management while reducing losses.