SMS Marketing Trends To Know in 2022 to Grow Your Business

SMS marketing has become one of the leading marketing methods that many businesses use to engage with their audience and drive more sales. This is because of the faster open rate of SMS messages than emails. But to run a successful text message marketing campaign, you need the right strategy and understanding of what the consumers want. 

A man reading a text message

Today, we will be discussing SMS marketing trends in 2022 that you need to know to grow your business and enjoy increased revenue. We will highlight how big brands use these trends and why you may want to consider jumping on them. Without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

Offering Real-Time Customer Support with SMS

Yes, you heard that right. One of the SMS marketing trends in 2022 is offering customer support through text messages. Customers can quickly get answers to their questions as if texting a friend. Since the open rate of text messages is faster than email, this is a better option. 

Typical ways to offer SMS support to your audience include order confirmation, subscription refill and shipping notifications. You can even take this further by having on-call experts that will attend to your audience’s messages instead of configuring it as a chatbot. 

If you are considering following this trend, we recommend that you refer to your customers by their names and use conversational texts to avoid making your text robotic. You can also use the services of top SMS marketing platforms like Textback for a better experience. 

Using Educational SMS Campaigns

Another common trend in the SMS marketing world in 2022 is sending educational SMS campaigns. While it is true that every brand wants to make more sales and generate revenue, making your SMS campaigns too sales-focused can bore your audience and make them unsubscribe from your message list. 

To mix things up, top brands send educational messages about their industry. For example, a brand that sells fruits, wines and beverages can send messages on how to make different kinds of cocktails or mocktails to its customers. 

Sending educational SMS campaigns can make you look like an authoritative source in your industry and cause your audience to trust you even more since you add value. But how do you decide which content to educate your audience on? You can encourage your audience to send questions in one of your campaigns and answer some of those questions. Besides that, you can focus on topics related to your brand to help your audience become more familiar with your business. 

Using SMS Marketing to Boost Email Marketing

This is another trend in 2022 that many businesses are jumping on. If you run email campaigns, you can use SMS marketing to boost your results and make things more interesting. For example, if you have a helpful article or extended information you want your audience to read, it is best to send it through email rather than text. 

But since the open rate of text messages is faster than emails, you can send a preview of the main points in an SMS campaign and tell your audience to check their email for the whole piece. This way, you will get those interested in the information you want to pass to check their emails, which means better email marketing results. 

Promoting Events With SMS Marketing

While this trend is not new, it is still in vogue in 2022. Many brands use SMS marketing to promote events such as anniversary sales and special sales. In most cases, they provide coupon codes to help their subscribers buy their products at a discounted rate. 

As a business, you can also jump on this trend, and it can help increase your revenue. For example, you can run the regular Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions where your products are discounted and send SMS notifications to your audience to make them aware. 

To take it even further, you can collect your subscribers’ birthdays and send them freebies or a shoutout on their day. This will make them feel like they genuinely matter to you and turn them into loyal customers. Remember, making your customers feel valued will help you build a good relationship with them and increase brand loyalty. 

Promote Your Products or Services

This is a no-brainer. Many brands, including top businesses, use SMS marketing to promote their products and services. They inform their audience about the new products and use time-limited offers to get them to buy. 

In addition, many brands now include links to their sales page on their SMS campaigns to make things easier for customers. This way, customers can easily click the links from their text messages to access a promoted product or service. 

Summing It Up

We’ve discussed several ongoing SMS marketing trends. As a brand, you can jump on these trends and use them to your advantage. Consider the essential aspects of your SMS marketing strategy to succeed. You can offer real-time customer support to your subscribers through text messages and educate them on topics related to your brand.

Like some top brands, linking your SMS marketing to email marketing can be an excellent way to achieve better results. Also, don’t forget to promote events and your products and services using text messages, as it offers better results.