Looking to Expand? 4 Strategies to Help Reach Your Target Audience

Are you a brand online? Maybe you’re using content to market your brand, or content is your brand. Either way, if you are using content, you can always go further. Sometimes you hit a wall in followers and you’re often stuck wondering how you can boost yourself even further. In that instance, we’re here to help. Take a look at our guide to boosting your content towards a target audience.

Target Audience

Use Short Form Video Content

TikTok has taken off. It’s taken off to the point that all the other social media platforms and streaming services alike are copying it. Instagram stoles its reels. Facebook stole its algorithm. YouTube stole its format.

Leave who concepts belong to up to lawyers and simply use it all to your advantage. TikTok is a great and mostly overlooked marketing tool. If you are creating content, you can post snippets of your bigger piece of content as a trailer. It hooks watchers in, and it introduces new viewers to your content, helping you reach your target audience. Plus, it doesn’t take much work. Edit around a memorable quote or moment, add a call to action, preferably where they can find the content, and let the TikTok (or Instagram, or Pinterest, or Snapchat) algorithm take it around the world.

Look Into Streaming

There is something comforting about streaming content. Whether they’re playing a game, playing music, or simply having a chat, there is something comforting about watching streamers. That might go some ways to explain the popularity of streaming, but then again, there are a lot of people who tune in wondering what could possibly go wrong live on air, and they want to see it.

For this reason, plus the ease which the format of streaming offers, the concept is becoming more popular with watchers and creators. It can be particularly useful if you’re looking to reach a younger audience. Some might say they have shorter attention spans but streaming for hours on end proves that it’s more the case that they’ve got simpler taste. They will happily watch a low-budget late night show where a charismatic personality talks about the latest online news for hours as much as they will a clip of a cat playing the piano on TikTok.

There is a lot you can do to then boost your streaming channel. Try out playout technology to make sure your content is getting to the right target audience. Tailor the content you’re posting to the demographic you’re looking for.

Tap Into Communities

Another benefit to TikTok is its clearly outlined demographics. While you’re scrolling, you might hear someone ask, “How did I get on [genre] TikTok?”

The answer there is simple: the TikTok algorithm thought they’d enjoy it. This algorithm gauges what you’re like and shows you content it thinks you’ll enjoy, inadvertently creating communities. LGBT communities, book communities, minority communities, Wicca communities, WoW communities, fitness communities, etc.

If your brand slots into a community, you can easily target it. For example, the fitness community is sure to be interested in your new protein shake or yoga mat. The way you get in is with affiliate marketing. All of these communities have a few elected leaders, who, for now at least, have organically grown on the new platform, and are posting the most. These are micro influencers, and they often have a lot of benefits over bigger influencers.

Modern day users are getting tired of big influencers. They don’t believe in what they’re selling, they often sell scams, or get into a lot of other trouble that can go as high as criminal. Micro influencers are humble, scandal-free, and most importantly, as the leader of certain communities, are very relatable. If you’re part of the WoW community and a micro influencer tells you to try this new game, you’re going to take them up on it because if they like it, chances are you will too.