5 Tips to Perform a Stream That People Like

Streaming has been in the game for a long time and it gained some extra steam during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a great rise in users of streaming communication services during this time. Due to this growth, some timely services also rose up, one of which is the Allcreate platform. Creating a  stream that people like can lead to an uptick in business.

perform stream

These spikes have led to a lot of content creators diving into the streaming world. It birthed new content creators and also led to the transition of some from other forms of content deliverables. For some, the journey has been smooth while others haven’t gotten the hang of it.

We’ll be looking into 5 useful tips to support you in your streaming journey, help provide you and your audience a great experience when you come live and also give you an equal chance at the various monetization opportunities available to you on platforms like Allcreate. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. No Pressure, Try To Be as Natural as Possible

The first fail any streamer could make would be to try to portray what they are not. A stream is different from a pre-recorded video, there are no takes, no “action” and no “cut.” It’s best to try to avoid any false persona. From your accent to your demeanor and your reactions, let it be you all the way. Aside from the fact that it’s not a good tell, it would be very hard to maintain and sustain.

Even if you are able to keep that mirage up for each stream, it removes a lot from your delivery. There will be an unwanted caution, and this takes away the life from the stream. There’s already enough tension with the eyes all over the world gazing at you online. This makes faking a stream unhealthy and bad for your content delivery.

2. Do Test Runs

You’re probably thinking about why you have to do test runs if you’ll be keeping things simple and natural. The test runs are necessary for the external factors that can affect your streams. There are things that could mess up the experience and it’s good to make sure everything is in good condition. Such things range from lighting, sound, echoes, and Internet bandwidth.

You might be using a natural setting and not a studio or workspace but you still have to ensure the view and quality is a good one for your audience. Be intentional about your aesthetics and environment. You can use a speed test, to ensure the Internet speed is good enough. Make sure to carry out more than one test run to ascertain that everything is in good condition. It can’t all be perfect, but try to sort as many issues as you can beforehand.

3. Interact With The Audience

This cannot be overemphasized for any streamer. No matter how big you get, how good you are at the content that you are providing, never leave the audience hanging. The audience is the essence of your stream and they bring life to it. They should be your main focus and you should bring the focus to them. Platforms like Allcreate have made it easier for audiences to give online gifts and appreciate the streamer, which is a form of immediate feedback mechanism system.

Before you begin the journey of being a content creator, it is very good to have a personally defined target audience. These are the people who you structure your content for. If you are able to welcome and engage them during the streams you will get more of their opinions and suggestions which will guide you for the next sessions.

Interaction can come in form of replying to their comments, doing giveaways, and also by asking them questions. Remember that these people chose to watch you live, they might as well have watched other videos or even your stream later on if it is on a platform like Youtube that saves it for later. For this reason, you should be a good host to them.

4. Tell Personal Stories

The number of content creators worldwide is huge, and a good amount of those make use of streaming services that you might also be using. Within the platform, the streamers can still be broken down into niches. When all is said and done, those that you are in competition with are still a very substantial amount. Why this breakdown? It’s so that you see the essence of being unique.

In a field where there would surely be common topics and trending topics being discussed, your personal stories will be the telling difference and the trump card you have to offer. They will be the new information that people have surely not heard about. It will bring up discussions and give you engagements. A lot of content creators tend to spice their personal stories up a bit to make them more appealing, just make sure not to stray too far away from the original story.

5. Make Use of More Relatable Terms

Media analysts have noted that there is a decrease in the attention span of consumers on online platforms. This and many more are reasons why you have to keep to simple terms and examples while on your streams. The mere feeling that you are being complex immediately takes people’s minds off your content.

Right from the topics you want to discuss to its presentations and examples, you have to try to make it as easily understandable as possible. You can still make use of niche-specific terms as they would still go down well with your target audience. Always remember that less is more (except if you are involved in online education, of course).

Another point is to always try to example any above normal term you state in your streams. Though those knowledgeable in the field will understand, your explanations will do well to make sure that amateurs and newbies in the field are also carried along.


There are many other online resources that can be useful for streamers. These tips provide the best parts of those resources. The focus for every streamer should be on 3 aspects:

  • Yourself – By making sure you are original, simple, and express yourself in ways that would not be mistaken or unrelatable.
  • The Audience – The aim is to always keep them satisfied, engaged, and welcomed. Proper research into their likes and dislikes will help create positive results in every session.
  • The Scenery – Always make sure the audio and visuals that will be presented are appealing and actual work is put into it.

We hope that these tips have been helpful to your journey. We look forward to your progress.