The Timeless Charm of Glass Packaging

Glass packaging is increasingly used in various sectors, especially in the kitchen. Glass is a sustainable, recyclable material and it is perfect for long-term storage of food and drinks. In addition to being functional and reusable, compared to other materials that are more harmful to the environment, it is also aesthetically superior.

glass packaging

The glass bottles are elegant, timeless, they can make any table more beautiful. Transparency is what distinguishes glass packaging so it can be considered as simple but refined at the same time. Thanks to the transparent containers you can see the contents immediately, without having to open the lids.

Glass jars tend to make kitchens look more beautiful and can be placed in a convenient place, within reach at any time. Glass is 100% recyclable over and over again, with no loss of quality or purity.

The recycling of this material is a closed-loop system: it does not create additional waste or by-products. As it is practically inert and waterproof, it is the most stable of all packaging materials. There are no harmful chemicals, food and drinks remain safe as no barriers or additional additives are added. Below you will see why glass is becoming an increasingly popular material and how the world is increasing awareness towards sustainability and recycling.

Awareness of Recycling and Environmental Impact

Climate crisis is now there for all to see and it is impossible to ignore it: the more time goes on, the more complicated the situation becomes, so it is time for everyone to act, trying to improve this condition even in small things. Anything, even the smallest, can make a difference, especially if it is repeated constantly and becomes a healthy everyday habit. A good habit can be to use glass containers for food or drinks.

Friends of Glass and the European Federation of Glass for Containers (FEVE) have carried out a research survey of 10,000 consumers in 13 European countries and the result says that people are increasingly buying glass compared to other materials such as plastic or paper. In Italy alone, 48% of people buy more glass packaging than three years ago. This means that companies must invest in glass, trying to offer ever better, highly customizable solutions.

People say they prefer glass for its high recyclability, as it allows them to do their part on the environmental issue. The environmental impact of packaging is an increasingly important decision factor in food and beverage purchases. Consumers are increasingly concerned about disposing of food containers and try to avoid plastic and take-away food as much as possible. Awareness of the environment is growing and consequently also the importance of a circular economy in Europe and the achievement of important sustainability goals.

Why Using Glass in the Kitchen is a Good Idea

In addition to being a sustainable material, glass is hygienic and allows you to preserve food without losing quality. This means that it is possible to buy a glass container and use it for many years: even with the passage of time its beauty and its properties remain intact. Glass containers are precious in the kitchen.

They are not extremely heavy, but at the same time resistant and useful for many different purposes. By choosing glass for food storage, you are doing a favor to the environment but also to yourself, because it does not smell, it is waterproof and easy to maintain. Glass containers can be placed in the fridge, they are useful for storing leftover food and make it last several days without losing its qualities.

Glass recycling is on the rise across Europe, while glass packaging and the recycling of glass are also on the rise among consumers. The goal for the future is not only to recycle more but also to recycle better, producing more and more useful, beautiful and practical glass objects. Everyone should collect and recycle every single glass bottle to change things. It is a simple but important action because it can have a huge impact on the planet and make a difference especially for future generations.

Glass is a material increasingly used in the kitchen but also in other areas, due to its countless advantages. Food packaging is now an important factor, which can determine the positive or negative outcome of a sale. If consumers want to buy a product, they evaluate its packaging and recently they tend to try to avoid plastic in favor of sustainable materials.

This is the main reason why every company should invest in glass packaging, trying to offer them in different forms to satisfy the tastes of different groups. We drift towards a constant need of building a sustainable future and everyone must be able to do their part. Consumers expect ever better, complete, light and technological glass products.