How Cisco Networking Can Benefit Your Business

There comes a point in your business’s development and growth when a coordinated and flexible systems network becomes an essential part of your IT set up. One of the most respected names in networking is Cisco who offer solutions for businesses ranging from smaller operations to multinational organisations.


The company provide both networking hardware and software, and have proven themselves able to adapt and thrive amidst the fast moving nature of IT ever since their formation in the mid-1980s, while other previously well-known and respected companies such as Compaq and Wang have fallen by the wayside.

A Cisco network can benefit your business in many ways – read on to find out.

The First Step: Full Cisco Support

The key to benefiting fully from a Cisco network is partnering up with IT experts offering full Cisco support to enable you to start off with the best installation for your requirements, keeping it running smoothly and, when necessary, adapting and growing it as your requirements change.

Helping Businesses Growth

Cisco networking focuses on agile and straightforward connectivity designed to get services up and running quickly so achieving the flexibility, simplicity and scalability to support business growth – a process enhanced with the right levels of professional Cisco support.

Meeting Customer Needs

Continuing IT developments and enhancements mean customers’ demands and expectations are ever higher in that they expect fast response and service from you along with a positive customer experience: effective systems networking has a big role to play in your business achieving this, and Cisco can deliver.

Improved Productivity

Ease of access to your network is important for productivity, and your Cisco network provides various networking solutions including Cloud, virtual and mobile systems to allow ease of communication and collaboration both in house and remotely via any device.

Cost Effective Networking

Going hand in hand with the above, your Cisco network is designed to stay cost effective through being easily adaptable to ensure – with the help of your Cisco support partner – the latest networking tools are at your disposal so as to avoid using outdated applications and hardware that could reduce efficiency.

Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi

Your Cisco network is underpinned by the latest and fastest Wi-Fi standard – currently Wi-Fi 6E – to give maximum capacity, performance and bandwidth capability. Wi-Fi 6E allows you to connect up to four times more devices than you could previously do, bandwidth also increases fourfold, improved coverage allows integration of IoT devices if required, and seamless connectivity allows easy switching from cellular to Wi-Fi networks – ideal if working remotely.

Strong Security

A Cisco network is designed to be secure against the latest malware and other threats. Your Cisco support experts can help prepare a security assessment and utilise the most appropriate security measures to ensure your network protects your company and customer data, and allows your network to be accessed only by those authorised to do so.

Cisco networks: an all-in-one solution

A key benefit of a Cisco network is that your networking hardware and all or most of the software can be sourced through Cisco and installed and maintained through your Cisco support partner. Consequently, there’s no need to, for example, buy routers from company A, switching equipment form company B and networking software from company C.

Your Cisco network is an efficient all in one solution.