Everything about BTC Pay Server and Its Working

Bitcoin’s ecosystem was not merely for investment purposes; as the white paper depicts, the BTC network is about building a decentralized ecosystem to transfer funds. You can visit the for a smoother trading experience with the best trading techniques. An API that works with all the payment gateways and bitcoin payment processors allows you to accept bitcoin payments. There is an API for every Coinbase and many other popular payment processors such as Bitpay and codify.

BTC server

If a company is using API integration, it enables companies to take and receive payments in any form of crypto-coins without much or no restrictions. For example, an API integration would be helpful if you are a freelance developer and want to accept Ether payment for your services through your website.

Also, suppose you want to pay for your services using Ether. In that case, you will not have any problem with the integration because it supports both ways of accepting or paying for transactions via cryptocurrency. A popular payment processing platform in the bitcoin community is the BTC Pay server; let’s look at the functions and perks of using this payment processor rather than its competition.

What is a BTCPay server?

BTCPay is not just an e-commerce payment processor for companies; it also can be used as a multi-purpose bitcoin wallet. BTCPay was created and developed by a programmer who was once an open-source developer for Bitpay.

He left the company after learning about internal issues involving community funds and their centralized system that wasn’t favorable to users. Therefore, he began working on a decentralized alternative to Bitpay, which would cater to e-commerce sites and those using APIs or other cryptocurrency exchanges as payment solutions.

Advantages of using BTCPay server

In addition to the low transaction fees, the BTCPay server has many advantages for companies who want to accept cryptocurrency in their business.

Free of cost

It is free software; therefore, it doesn’t require an investment for you to accept cryptocurrency on your site. Therefore, you can start accepting cryptocurrency payments immediately with minimal costs.

Security is a top priority

Primarily, it offers a much more secure platform than the central payment processors. It is because you will have your server on which the decentralization is maximized so that no one can steal any data from your website. Furthermore, once your server has been installed, you won’t have any problem paying directly through the BTCPay server. Finally, hackers could never infiltrate your server and steal your data.

New payment types

Once BTCPay is integrated into a website, you must pay 0% bitcoin transaction fees to accept all cryptocurrency payments from users.

BTCPay Features

BTCPay has got many useful features for accepting cryptocurrencies on your site. The following are

Supported by payment processors

The flagship feature of the BTCPay server is the ability to integrate its payment processor on top of any CMS system. Users can even set up their free website. More than 3,000 e-commerce sites and many retailers use BTCPay servers. In addition, many retailers in the United States use a BTCPay server instead of a payment processor or cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Ease of use

BTCPay server has a simple step-by-step guide for integrating your site with the payment processor. All you need to do to integrate the BTCPay server on your website is paste a snippet of code provided by BTCPay in your CMS or custom code integration if you are familiarized with that, or get an expert’s help if you are not sure about HTML, CSS or other programming languages.

Customer support

BTCPay has the best customer support. You can easily find their support team in the chat box operated by BTCPay’s founder Wouter. The website also provides a detailed step-by-step guide for setting up your website with crypto payments.

How does the BTCPay server work?

BTCPay server uses a payment protocol wallet that enables you to accept multiple cryptocurrencies. In addition, it supports other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Zcash. You can even choose the currency of your choice; therefore, it enables you to be in complete control of your business.

Also, it has an option for credit cards which means that you could accept payments via any method of your choice, for example, BTC/ ETH/ LTC / DASH / ZEC. Not only does is BTCPay server accept payments without transaction fees, but it also offers low rates on its credit card processing charges. BTCPay offers a simple and convenient way of accepting cryptocurrency payments on any website without transaction fees.