Top 3 Ideas for an Effective Team Building Day

Team building is a useful strategy for companies that want to nurture a successful corporate culture where their employees enjoy coming to work, trust their team and collaborate easily with each other.

team building

Developing a strong team goes far beyond hiring kind, capable and competent staff. Once you’ve got your team together, it’s helpful to focus on how to unite them and transform them into a creative and valuable team.

Team building has become an even more important component in business strategy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. After two years of remote working, it’s time to bring people back together again. In this article, we talk about the importance of team building and share our best ideas for effective and enjoyable team building days or a company retreat.

What Are The Benefits Of Team Building?

It’s well evidenced that happy employees work harder and are more productive for a company they’re proud to be a part of! We’ve listed some of the many benefits of team building below: –

  • Builds trust
  • Fosters better communication
  • Improves performance
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Connects remote teams
  • Embrace diversity among working teams
  • Attracts new talent
  • Encourages innovativeness
  • Builds a happy team
  • Promotes health
  • Promotes company culture

What Are The Best Team Building Days Out In The UK?

We’ve put together our top 3 team building days out in the UK, to get you started with some ideas.

1. Let’s go punting!

Everyone should cruise down the River Cam taking in all the sights and sounds at least once in their life! Punting is the number 1 tourist activity in Cambridge and with good reason.

Your team can’t fail to relax as an expertly trained chauffeur glides you effortlessly down the beautiful Cam, whilst filling you in on all the interesting historical facts about all the wonderous sights you can observe from the river.

Add in a picnic and a couple of bottles of fizz and you’ve got yourself a relatively inexpensive, but heavenly day! It’s a great option for some of your quieter team members as it allows them to dip their toes in the water of team interaction gently, with no pressure.

2. Crystal Challenge

For a more energetic day out, take the Crystal Challenge! Based on the hit ’90’s game show, the Crystal Challenge team building event is a day out your team won’t soon forget! In groups you will compete against each other in an invigorating mix of activities, rushing between the challenging areas.

Teams will face an exhilarating range of mental and physical challenges, where the prize is precious seconds of time inside the crystal dome. Inside the dome, for their final challenge, the top teams go head-to-head to collect as many golden tokens as possible. The team that collects the most gold is crowned the winners. Why not throw in a small cash prize as an added incentive and to collect some ‘great boss’ points?

3. It’s a Knockout!

Remember the incredible TV series It’s a Knockout? The game show with giant inflatables and crazy costumes? Get everyone together for an unforgettable activity that’s fun, competitive and completely unique.

A brilliant bonding experience, It’s a Knockout is the best way to spark the old team spirit. Put the enjoyment back into team building with the ultimate competitive tournament. How often do you get to see the boss on a bouncy castle?

It’s a Knockout is a great leveler. If you’re searching for a corporate event that get absolutely everyone involved, you’ve struck gold. The whole company can participate in this team building bonanza. See the chairman and the cleaner go head-to-head on the giant inflatable obstacle course. It’s a completely level playing field that breaks down barriers and banishes preconceived ideas.

So, as you can see, there’s no reason the mention of a team building day needs to have your staff rolling their eyes! Book something really fun that they’ll all be excited about and go in company time. Your employees will massively appreciate you and each other. Explore excellent company retreat venues for a memorable experience. One day out a year is the best investment you’ll ever make. Try it and see!