The Key to Unlocking True And Long-Lasting Motivation in Your Team

Many managers are accustomed to motivating their employees with promotions, perks, or incentive speeches about outstanding future achievements. And if those don’t work, other methods are underway, including control of working hours, micromanagement, and constant criticism. How can we increase motivation for our team?

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But in reality, none of these approaches truly motivates people to do their job more efficiently in the long run. These methods simply don’t appeal to people’s inner needs.

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How Does Motivation Work?

Motivation is a strong desire to do something or engage in specific behavior. A psychological or physical need drives it.

There are two types of motivation — external and internal. What is the difference? External motivation comes from reward and punishment. Raising a salary or the threat of firing for underperforming at work are examples of external motivation.

Internal motivation is based on our personal needs like appreciation, recognition, validation, sense of influence, power, and relatedness. This type of motivation is followed by engagement, a feeling of satisfaction, and even passion.

It is a Great Mistake to Use Only External Motivation at Work

External motivation is mainly effective for short periods and quite impotent over the long term. Why? Motivation vanishes as soon as the reward or punishment disappears or becomes insignificant for a person, the motivation vanishes.

How to Appeal to Employees’ Inner Motivation?

As internal motivation refers to our fundamental psychological needs, the mission is to create conditions for employees that would help to meet them. An essential thing you can do as a manager is to appreciate your employees, in both words and actions. How to do it? Here are three ideas that you can apply to your team.

  1. Don’t Forget to Praise Your Employees
  2. Take Care of People
  3. Help People Grow

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