Exterro Launches FTK® Suite 7.6, the fastest scalable processing engine on the market

Exterro, Inc., the preferred provider of Legal GRC software specifically designed for law enforcement agencies as well as in-house legal, privacy, and IT teams at Global 2000 and Am Law 200 organizations, announced the debut of Exterro FTK® 7.6, which offers the fastest scalable processing engine on the market.


The newest update applies to the entire portfolio of FTK products including FTK,  FTK® Lab, FTK® Enterprise, FTK® Central, and FTK® Connect, and is purposely designed to assist investigators working at law enforcement agencies, corporate legal departments and ALSP’s.

Offering mobile phone parsing with limitless scalable processing power, FTK can cut through mobile evidence up to 10 times faster, allowing investigators to pinpoint critical evidence, rapidly close cases, and bring criminals to justice sooner.

In addition, Exterro FTK Connect can automate and simplify investigation workflows, as well as integrate with cybersecurity platforms (i.e., SIEM and SOAR/XSOAR), case management systems, e-discovery applications, and other third-party software tools including home grown systems. This integration speeds up investigations, from collection to processing to review, and reduces the risk and expense of passing data between platforms.

“The enhancements to the FTK 7.6 portfolio of products are a gamechanger for investigators in the corporate and law enforcement arenas, as they will now have one platform where they can review evidence from mobile devices, computers and cloud data — all in one solution, providing better insights and actionable intelligence into the case,” said Harsh Behl, Director of Product Management at Exterro.

For internal investigations, FTK 7.6 remote agent solutions offer the ability to preview the contents of potentially compromised endpoints that are online but not connected to the VPN. Investigators can view the endpoint’s folder structure, filter for specific file and data types, and view files of interest before performing a collection, all within a Zero Trust infrastructure.

Behl added, “Using Exterro FTK 7.6, forensic and IR teams can build seamlessly integrated lab workflows that power their investigations using best of breed solutions. Our remote triage and IR capabilities accelerate investigators’ ability to resolve incidents in situations where every second counts.”

Exterro FTK 7.6 Offers Investigators The Following New Features And Functionality:

  • Lightning-Fast Mobile Data Processing. Investigators can process information for all types of evidence faster than ever with FTK solutions.
    • Providing support for Andorid and iOS operating systems, FTK 7.6 allows the processing and parsing of both mobile and computer evidence in a single database, allowing investigators to find common connection across data sources and cutting through mobile evidence up to 10 times faster.
    • As a certified Grayshift Technology Alliances Partner, FTK can fully and accurately import and parse mobile iOS and Android extractions created by GrayKey.
  • Industry-first Live Triage of Off-Network Remote Endpoint Data. FTK solutions are essential in securing modern organizations’ remote workforce.
    • Examiners can now perform a rapid risk assessment of a suspected compromised endpoint—even if it is disconnected from the VPN network—by previewing the live contents of an off-network endpoint before performing a time-consuming collection.
    • Perform faster than ever keyword searching by enabling indexing at the endpoints.
  • Complete scalability to meet heavy demand. Exterro FTK 7.6 can scale up to meet the advanced requirements of large labs, case sizes, and case volumes by offering:
    • FTK Central’s PostGres compatibility helps organizations of all sizes become processing powerhouses at an affordable cost.
    • Advanced SQL configurations offer truly unlimited scalability and reliability. SQL Multi-Server Setup lets you divide case files between servers, while SQL High Availability safeguards against interrupted processing, with one server taking over if another fails.

Exterro FTK 7.6 will be available in early September. To learn more details about the product, please visit