4 Strategies To Sell More SEO In 2022 And Beyond

Marketing, marketing, marketing! Probably, you’ve heard this business term several times. What exactly is marketing? Marketing is how businesses inform the public of their existence in a particular industry and the products and services they offer. Through marketing, a firm attracts customers and generates revenues, which is why most businesses operate. You may use marketing strategies, one of which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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SEO seeks to increase your website’s visibility in search engines like Google. To get SEO right, you must have the right skills. Therefore, being proficient in SEO is quite advantageous. You can offer these services to businesses lacking these skills. 

Because of the unique nature of your services, you will need to market yourself and your company to attract clients. In light of this, the issue arises regarding how you plan to increase your SEO sales in 2022 and beyond. You need not be concerned. The following are some strategies you can adopt:

  • Write A Proposal

When marketing your service, a proposal is vital. It is a document that explains your services, your strategy for implementation, and how the client will benefit from these services. Therefore, you must develop an SEO proposal by using a sample SEO proposal template to guide you in drafting one.

In the strategy section, emphasize how you will seamlessly integrate SEO into the client’s daily activities. Next, you should provide the client with an expected timetable for results. Although most clients desire speedy results, please do not give them a deadline that is impossible to meet. Instead, give a timeframe and explain that it is an estimate, not a certainty. 

When implementing new strategies, most businesses want to know how much your services will cost. Consequently, include the necessary resources you’ll require. Again, do not mislead by stating a low figure that will not be sufficient for implementation. You should consider technology, human resources, and any additional services they will require, such as website design, professional fees, etc.

Business owners tend to have different opinions regarding business control. Most of them hesitate to seek a provider who will assume absolute control of a specific aspect due to the fear of losing their business. Therefore, you should enlighten them on how they can continue to oversee SEO implementation.

Inform them of potential opportunities for collaboration, such as working with their internal marketing team if you offer outsourced services. With this approach, they will have no reservations about granting complete authority to a third party, as they will have someone looking out for their business interests. 

Last but not least, entrepreneurs require numbers. You must demonstrate how they will profit from investing in you. However, tell them these are only projections if everything goes according to plan. 

After your presentation, the executives will likely require copies of this proposal. Therefore, ensure that it contains all pertinent information about this potential contract, including the terms and conditions of your services. For easier understanding, write the proposal in the most straightforward language possible.

  • Learn Your Clients

Your clients play a vital role in the success of your business. Without them, to whom will you offer your SEO services? Therefore, they must be part of your strategy. How do you do this?

Start by identifying them. Are you targeting start-ups or established businesses? These two groups have different behaviours, and you must approach them differently. For an established business, you may want to convince them of your significance, considering they’ve worked and attained their current status without your assistance. You must demonstrate your worth. 

On the other hand, most startups aim to reduce their expenses as much as possible. Therefore, besides selling them your services, you must convince them you’ll do so at the lowest cost possible without affecting their returns too much. Do you want to work in-house or be outsourced? It is best to answer these questions to determine the optimal customer acquisition strategy.

Once you’ve identified your ideal clients, learning their pain points is essential. These should be the aspects of their existing marketing approach that aren’t working. One method to provide clients good value for money is to eliminate these pain points. As a result, clients will recognize your value and hire you on a long-term basis, or anytime they require marketing services. It will help your business stay afloat.

  • Have An Online Presence

A company’s online presence is essential, regardless of whether it sells products or services. It’s said that most people spend their time on the internet for entertainment, news, etc. Therefore, you want your business to appear in these searches.

An SEO company needs to have an online presence. Your online profile should consist of a website and social media accounts. These pages should explain your business in-depth, from the simplest to the most intricate features. Typically, some clients will conduct research before reaching out to you. You may want to convince them to contact you for your services through your website and social media account. In connection with this, it’s essential to provide call-to-actions on your site so visitors can reach you. It should include your contact number, physical, and email address. Such actions give them easy access to you when they need you the most. You don’t want them to have second thoughts about hiring you once they start searching for your contacts elsewhere. 

When selling SEO, you must persuade them that the service would benefit them. One method for achieving this is demonstrating that it is effective for you. Therefore, you must adopt SEO in your company. Your company’s website should be at or close to the top of SEO company searches. This is enough to win clients, even as you show them how being at the top has benefited your business.

  • Have A Portfolio

Portfolios exhibit your work and experience. It is frequently the decisive factor in acquiring a client. In this case, prepare a portfolio of your SEO services.

It should include a list of clients you’ve worked with in the past, and an overview of how your services have contributed to their businesses’ success. Since the primary objective of SEO is to increase website traffic, convey how the increased traffic led to greater conversions, sales, and profits. Always remember that this is the type of data every entrepreneur desire to see and hear.

Now that you’ve proven your qualifications, you must prove your experience. No business owner wants their company to act as the guinea pig of a service provider refining their services. It’s best to inform them of the number of clients you’ve worked with, how long you’ve been in business, and the number of successes you’ve had with your previous clients. Suppose the client asks about a significant setback in the past. Please don’t lie; tell them about one or two unsuccessful clients, and explain why they failed. In addition, inform them how you’ve improved your services to prevent such a recurrence. Doing so shows your accountability, which is beneficial in business.


Marketing your SEO services is very similar to selling a product. Your company’s main objective is to persuade clients to seek out your assistance. The discussion above has given strategies to make your SEO marketing work now and in the foreseeable future. Therefore, be sure to implement them in marketing your SEO services.