Amazon Shopping Hacks: Save Money on Every Purchase

Whether you’re looking to purchase clothing, electronics, or groceries online, Amazon has you covered on all fronts. In addition to its marketplace of products, the mega e-commerce company offers Amazon Prime memberships.


These memberships come with free two-day shipping on eligible purchases as well as a variety of other perks, like unlimited photo storage and access to Amazon’s streaming library of videos and music. But did you know that you can also save money through various Amazon shopping hacks? Here are some of the top ways to cut down on your Amazon purchases while ensuring they still get delivered quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

1. Add Items to Your Cart When They are at a Discount

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you know that certain items will go on sale from time to time. If you want to save money, add items to your cart when they are at a discount so that you can make a purchase when it’s a good deal. This is especially important if you are shopping for clothing because sometimes there will be two of an item with different prices and shipping times. The one that is on sale with faster shipping should be purchased first.

2. Sign Up for Email Alerts

Before buying anything on Amazon, sign up for email alerts to receive notifications when a discount is offered. These discounts aren’t typically huge, but they can add up if you shop regularly and save them all—every penny counts!

When signing up, you’ll need to fill out your name and email address, choose which items you want alerts about (this includes new releases, preorders/backorders, etc.), then you’ll get a notification when an item goes from full price to at least 15% off. The best part is that these alerts are free of charge—Amazon doesn’t charge you anything extra for access to their codes or savings. Just make sure that you pay attention to what types of things get your attention and select those only.

3. Always Use a Amazon Discount Code

If you’re not using discount codes when you shop, you’re leaving money (and free stuff) on the table. If you see something that catches your eye, search for an Amazon discount code before hitting check out. Chances are, there’s an offer running that will bring down your cost on Amazon. Think of it as money left in plain sight—you may just need to invest a few minutes to find it.

4. Use Price Comparison Sites

If you’re looking to save money, it’s a good idea to compare prices between different stores. Different Stores will help you monitor product pricing history. If your main goal is to be frugal, one easy way to do that is by using price comparison tools like these. These sites track products over time so you can see if something really has a great deal at one point in time, or whether it was just fluctuating with trends.

5. Check Out the Sale Section First!

Amazon is a treasure trove of deals, especially in its sales section. But to find them, you’ll have to sort through all kinds of things that aren’t. To be fair, Amazon makes it easy by flagging everything that’s on sale with big yellow price tags and On Sale labels. However, you should still take your time while browsing since discounts are often hidden within subcategories or slightly marked down products at different places throughout the site (like third-party sellers).

6. Don’t Miss Out On Free Shipping With Amazon

Every Amazon shopper is aware of free shipping, but did you know that they also offer free returns? Take advantage of these offers—you’ll get your money back quickly and at no cost to you.

Just make sure that if you order a ton of things, you have enough space in your apartment to store them. The last thing you want is clutter piling up because you received a new (but unnecessary) item every day for 30 days straight.

You can choose from daily or monthly delivery so that shipping doesn’t get too much in your way—or every other month if there are certain months when you don’t need any new clothes or kitchenware items. After all, everything looks better with free two-day shipping!