7 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Overseas

Property purchases overseas are a wise investment that everyone should make. The real estate market is flourishing, making it the ideal investment opportunity.

Real Estate

Investments in real estate stand out from other investment options because they are a physical asset that offers asset class diversification. 

If you want to invest in this long-term wealth, do so. For detailed listings and more information on acquiring properties in this vibrant area, explore properties for sale in Famagusta.

The following are various countries where you can invest in real estate:


Brazil is a sizable nation with numerous distinct real estate markets, some of which are more fascinating than others. Try concentrating on the Fortaleza region if you plan to invest in this country.

Top Brazilian tourism destinations include this coastline region. Rentals aimed at the nearby tourist industry can consistently earn more than 8% net income. 

You should invest in beachfront property along the coast because the costs are relatively reasonable. 

The Brazilian real is still stable in relation to the U.S. dollar and historically undervalued compared to the real/dollar exchange rate of 1.6 from ten years ago.

Dominican Republic

Try to concentrate on Santo Domingo, the nation’s capital in the Dominican Republic. 

The Dominican Republic continues to experience rapid growth and rising foreign direct investment. Santo Domingo is the hub for all those business visitors participating in the nation’s economic prosperity. And they all require sleeping quarters. 

One of the biggest success stories in post-pandemic is D.R. tourism. The D.R.’s tourism sector is predicted to reach new heights in July 2021, with a 10% rise in tourists (compared to the same month in 2019). 

If you choose wisely, a furnished rental for either of these markets, the business traveller or the vacationer, can be a fantastic source of income flow, and one should see healthy capital growth.


Purchasing a home in Singapore is an investment in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the de facto financial hub of Southeast Asia. 

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore’s real estate market is a secure long-term investment because of the city’s restricted land availability and consistently high foreign demand. 

It is impressive how Singapore went from being a malarial swampland to one of the wealthiest countries in the world. A strong indicator of Singapore’s overall development is how its real estate market has changed through time. 

Singapore’s economy has advanced significantly over the past few decades because of several factors, including its advantageous location on the Strait of Malacca, a pro-business government, openness to foreign investment, and a dash of innovation.

Singapore is distinct from its neighbours since it has the most developed economy. In contrast to rising markets like Indonesia and the Philippines, the city and its real estate market are strong.

To begin your real estate journey in Singapore, we would recommend Terra Hill. It is a freehold residential development with over 271 units of modern apartments spread across a 5-storey tower. You can purchase a few units, rent them out, and just receive your monthly or yearly yields. Easy-peasy.


Portugal’s real estate markets have been evolving since 2015. For instance, prices in several Lisbon neighbourhoods have risen above what experts consider reasonable for real estate investment. 

If you’re up for a refurbishment project, other regions of this city continue to offer outstanding value and opportunity. 

Experts advise concentrating on the less travelled places along the Algarve coast of the nation and the Porto region to the north of Lisbon in 2021. 

Portugal is another nation where a non-resident can obtain a mortgage.


Mexico continues to be a popular retirement and vacation destination for Americans and Canadians. Mexico’s domestic tourism industry is expected to increase enormously in 2021 due to travel restrictions and a growing middle class. 

These factors make Mexico a top choice for rental property investment

Top markets include Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya and the Pacific Coast Puerto Vallarta. A rental property can produce high income in these well-known tourist destinations. 

Mexico provides non-residents with finance choices, mainly from U.S. credit firms established in Mexico, especially for that purpose.


Poland might not be the first country to come to mind when buying off-shore real estate. The best-kept secret in Eastern Europe, though, might be this nation. 

Before the pandemic, Krakow, the tourist hub of Poland, welcomed 10 million visitors annually. It anticipates soon seeing its tourists return. 

With ten universities, Krakow also boasts a vibrant student population. Since so many of these students need places to live, there is an excellent demand in Krakow for student housing and vacation rentals.

For less than $100,000, you can buy an apartment in the heart of this booming metropolis and start making money off of the high rental demand.


Turkey experienced a record-breaking year for real estate sales, up 107% sales in May 2020, primarily due to international investors. 

The success of Turkey’s CIP has attracted foreign investment, yet this only accounts for 20% of total sales.

A desirable location for lifestyle and financial prospects in Turkey. Istanbul, the nation’s most dynamic and ancient city, hosted half of this year’s real estate sales. 

In 2018, Istanbul ranked as the ninth most visited city worldwide. 

Istanbul and Turkey are seeing substantial economic and tourism growth due to the rising population and growing middle class. Due to lower mortgage rates, Turkish buyers are returning to the market. Both student rentals and vacation rentals make good rental investment choices. 

Istanbul’s low entry barrier is one of its most robust investment selling features. In the current market, almost any investor can afford a rental property.