How Automatic Case Erectors Facilitate Packaging Operations

Business owners always look for ways to reduce production costs and make packaging operations more efficient. Even though there are several ways to do that, they still cannot compare to the ease of using a case erector.

Packaging Operations

With the help of case erectors, you can form and seal corrugated boxes in a consistent manner. Moreover, they are faster and more reliable than manual labor and save you substantial money. Case erectors are ideal in packaging operations requiring simultaneous assembly of large numbers of packaging cases.

Let’s take a closer look at an automatic case erector, its benefits in industrial production, and how to choose the right erector.

What is an Automatic Case Erector?

A case erector is an apparatus that automatically forms, folds, and seals corrugated cardboard boxes from flat boxes. A case erecting system eliminates the requirement for operators to take time out of their busy schedules to construct their cartons. Machines like these can form between 6 and 20 cases a minute and are available in both semi-automatic and automatic.

Such a machine is typically equipped with several robotic arms, making assembling the cases fast and easy.

5 Benefits of Case Erectors in Industrial Production

Here are five ways an automated case erector can improve production.

1. Speeds Up the Production Process

It is essential to work on the speed of your packaging operations line if you wish to increase production. In this regard, automation plays a crucial role. Workers always have a limitation where they can produce 50-80 cartons a day.

If you need to improve production speed, you should invest in electronic case erectors. With these machines, you can easily reach your packaging target without difficulties because they run continuously throughout the day.

2. Reduction in Staff Hours

There is a lot of labor involved in packaging. Manually operating a packaging line requires a considerable amount of time. It is necessary to monitor, control, and guide the manual packaging line machines several hours a day.

Using automatic case erectors will reduce the time your employees have to spend dealing with packaging line operations. With fewer staff hours, productivity increases, and operational costs fall. There is also the probability of reassigning the extra employees to another department.

3. Streamlines Backlog Work

It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to construct cases by hand. The workers must assemble a sufficient quantity of cases before they begin packaging products. It not only consumes valuable floor space but also adds to production time. Automated case erectors allow cases to be built as required, thereby freeing up floor space.

4. Minimize the Chances of Shipping Damage

There is always a high risk of shipment damage; mainly, when dealing with delicate shipments, this is quite crucial. Case erectors can help prevent these damages.

Erectors help create square boxes that are capable of supporting heavyweights, thereby reducing the risk of shipping damage. Case erectors can be useful for delivering undamaged and intact products.

5. Reduces The Risk of Injury

Workers’ repetitive movements can cause strain injuries when they form and seal cases for eight hours daily. These injuries affect hands, arms, wrists, shoulders, and tendons.

Over time, repetitive strain injuries can decrease productivity, increase recovery time, and lower employee satisfaction. Manufacturing workers benefit from any opportunity to reduce repetitive strain injury risks.

How To Choose a Case Erector?

Case erectors come in a variety of types and brands. Due to this, choosing a case erector that fits your specific requirements is challenging. Thus, you must be extra cautious about what you choose. When purchasing case erectors, keep the following tips in mind.

●      Size of The Case

Ensure that the case erector you choose can create the cartons your products need. Choosing something too big may damage your product during shipment due to movement, or something too small may not fit your product.

●      Weight of The Case

Before purchasing a case erector, know how much your products weigh. There is a maximum capacity for erectors. Case erectors with a high capacity may be appropriate if you have heavy products. In contrast, if you have lighter products, go with light-duty erectors.

●      Work Environment on The Packaging Line

Analyze the packaging environment in your company. A stainless-steel case erector might be suitable in humid working conditions because it doesn’t rust or erode easily. For a normal working environment, a steel-based model might be more suitable.

●      The Labor Force

Is there a larger number of employees assigned to the case erecting process? If yes, you may want to consider a semi-automated case sealer. On the other hand, a fully automated case sealer is the best choice if you wish to minimize labor in the production line.

Final Thoughts

Automated case erectors are becoming increasingly common in the packaging industry. These machines help companies pack and seal products more quickly and efficiently, increasing production rates and shortening processing times.

The benefits explained here should be enough to convince you that investing in automatic machinery such as case erectors provides long-term returns for your business.