3 SEO Tricks To Become Prominent Among All Website Brands on Google

Google is big on brand names, which means they’re obviously quite prominent on their search results page. It implies that smaller companies have stronger opponents; however, they can still manage to stand out among all competition through SEO. Read on for 3 SEO tricks to improve your performance.

SEO tricks

As far as natural search results go, Google wants to deliver the best so that a maximum number of people rely on its services. To do so, Google tries to find quantifiable proof that people find a specific site useful and improve its ranking algorithms accordingly. Because users mostly trust famous website brands, therefore Google gives them a higher ranking.

You’ll find many small-time web admins bemoaning the fact that Google makes it difficult for them to compete with big brands on their search results page, as these brands always take precedence. But, instead of complaining, you can either hire SEO services or try our three highly effective tips that can make Google notice your site and make you stand out among all the powerful website brands:

1. Create Your Distinctive Visual Brand

The fact that your website only consists of a few pages doesn’t mean you can’t develop a strong brand. Aside from being extremely beneficial to your SEO campaign, creating your unique brand will also help you generate business.

Consumers don’t trust just any site enough to provide their personal and financial information, especially those that look shady. Big brand names, on the other hand, put them completely at ease and have no scruples whatsoever about handing out their confidential information to them. It proves that in order to get your visitors to convert into buyers or subscribers, you need to develop your own brand.

Now let’s consider the noticeable elements of well-known brands – what makes them recognizable?

1) They all have uniquely identifiable logos that people automatically associate with their names.

2) A steady color scheme throughout the site as well as in its offline properties.

3) There are taglines and slogans for marketing.

All of these factors are associated with the brand, which can, fortunately, also be assimilated into your website, no matter the scale of your business. Something as simple as setting a consistent color scheme across your website can do wonders for your website.

You can choose colors that reflect the workings of your company or just something that appeals to you. After choosing the color theme, look for a good designer who can create a unique logo for you. It’s not necessary to go for professionals. You can go for freelance designers too, who cost less and seem to do a fine job.

Crafting clever marketing messages meant to tempt the audience may take a while, but once you decide on something worthwhile, you can integrate them into various places on your website. Make it short and related to your brand so that people may remember and associate it with your brand.

2. Include Branded Keywords in SEO Strategy

Due to the fact that search engines depend on your website’s SEO to determine its content, you need to ensure that you use your branded keywords along with target keywords. Branded keywords comprise all those words that uniquely belong to your company, such as “Polly shoe sale,” while typical SEO keywords aim for phrases that people are likely to search for, like “stiletto.” Your title tag should always have your branded keywords incorporated into it along with the regular, related keywords.

Keep the characters in your title tag under 62 to ensure that the web crawlers don’t cut out the branded keywords. Make sure you avoid keyword stuffing of your title tag. Instead, make certain that your title tag is uncluttered and natural, providing related information to your audience. Don’t forget to include your branded keywords separating the two keywords with a pipe symbol (|) so that the search engine recognizes your brand name.

3. Act As if You Are A Big Brand

Lastly, you should behave like a famous company and strive to make your branding universal. Take small steps; first, you should format your whole website’s content appropriately. Ensure your brand shows up on all web properties all over your site. It will improve your visitor engagement, and your company will create a sense of dependability with the consumers.

Since Google is very active in improving its algorithms and scores the branded websites higher, you should not waste time initiating your branding. If you do that now, you will soon get big brands’ attention.