Your Employees Deserve Gifts: Here’s Why

As an employer you’re going to be under quite a bit of scrutiny from your staff. When you’re part of the management team of a company you have to look at so many ways to keep your employees happy – and rightly so. When you were an employee, the chances are very high that you wanted somebody to recognise what you were doing, thank you for your work and show their appreciation to you for your effort in some way.

Now that you are part of the management team it’s up to you to do this. There are a number of appropriate things that you can do as a manager to show your team that you are appreciative of the help, and from deciding to give a gift for employees for being employee of the month, or simply recognising them in front of their colleagues, there are things that you can do. Below, we’ve got all of the reasons that your employees deserve gifts.

  • It will make them happy. Whether you work on pleasing your clients and keeping their business, you also need to work on pleasing employees. The way that your employees work is going to change everything about you and your business, and you need to make sure that the people who work for you are feeling pleased and relaxed and comfortable in their roles. When you give them a gift, you show them physically your appreciation for the effort, and this will make them happier. Happy people are so much easier to retain.
  • You show them that you care. Gifts are often excellent ways to recognise that you care for your employees. You start showing your work is that you care for them and you tell them that you are paying attention to their requirements when you give them a gift. It just conveys that you will never sit back and relax while they are working hard. If accidents happen, you said flowers. When good things happen, you give a gift.
  • You are able to boost their loyalty. It’s hard to keep loyal employees these days, but it’s not because people don’t want to work as the media would have you believe. It’s because people want to feel appreciated. Nobody wants to go to work for somebody for 8 hours and come away feeling like they didn’t achieve anything or they won’t be recognized or seen. These people are working hard for you, a gift is something small in return.
  • It’s a really good way to encourage people to engage. People love to work for an incentive, because nobody works for nothing. Yes, you’re paying a salary and you offer benefits, but those are just minimal requirements for you as an employer. If you want your workers to go the extra mile for you, introducing a regular employee gifting policy is going to make a big difference in your company. Reward those who do things that are exceptional and show them that you’re appreciative of the hard work and their dedication.
  • You’re going to improve relationships in the workplace. It’s so easy to forget that we see the people that we work with most days of the week. Even when you don’t interact all the time, they become a big part of your life. Something as simple as gifting an Uber eats voucher or treating everybody to doughnuts on a Friday afternoon can really help to boost morale and give everybody something to talk about. Getting to know your co-workers is going to be much easier when you can provide coffee and doughnuts along the way.

  • Giving gifts really has a positive impact. There’s always a Friesen of excitement when there is a gift coming up or employee of the month ceremonies coming up. Everybody is excited for everybody in the team, they get to vote who they believe is the best employee of the month, and boosting them up like this can really improve people’s experiences in the workplace. The market is currently very talent-tight, so businesses are scrambling to find the best people to do the job.
  • Gifts make people feel good. On the same line of making people feel happier, gifting makes people feel good. It makes them feel like they are doing well in their role, they feel more boosted towards their future, and they really do feel as if they are getting somewhere in their careers. A simple gift is something employees will remember and discuss for a while, so you are really having an impact on them in terms of their professional development.
  • You will see an increase in employee productivity. You need to have a team that is founded on strong interpersonal relationships, but you also need to build on retention. Retaining your team is the smartest thing that you can do, and it’s not just in the market we have right now. Efficiency and productivity are two things that are really going to make your business work, but they are very dependent on the way that people work together. You need your employees engaged with you and what you are doing, and the more you do that, the better people will feel about being in their roles. You will have a low staff turnover amount, and you will really be able to appreciate the fact that you have come together as a group.
  • You demonstrate your determination. When you give something to your employees, you respect the fact that you care about the work that you are doing. You are willing as an employer to go the extra mile for the people who work for you, which can really help them to feel as if they are in the right position at work. You need them to feel this way so that they feel valuable and included in your work. Your company cannot run without these people, and gifting can really show your appreciation, while proving that you understand what your employees want the most.