6 Ways You Can Leverage Social Media Analytics For Business

Whether you’re an SME or a business corporation, social media is essential in remaining relevant in the digital age. With social media being one of the most effective ways of engaging potential customers and increasing brand awareness, your business is likely missing out if you’re not making the most of social media and analytics for marketing.

So, without further ado, here are 6 ways that you can leverage social media analytics for business.

1. Valuable Customer Insights

Social media insights allows businesses to access data regarding things like audience connections, interests, ways that they interact with brands, and so on. This helps businesses to understand their audience to a greater extent, and thus adjust their social media strategy to ensure it has the maximum impact.

For example, it might reveal that customers are most active on Instagram between 2 and 4pm on Sundays, encouraging businesses to post during these times for best results.

2. Identifies The Best Channels

Instead of targeting every channel, social media analytics can help businesses to work out which ones are worthy of their time and attention. The best ROI comes from marketing campaigns that are active on social channels that are the best for that specific brand.

Platforms such as Pulsar Trac can help to streamline this process and make it as straightforward as possible.

3. Create More Engaging Posts

Without targeted content, businesses won’t be able to grow their audience base on social media sites. Having relevant content ensures that posts trigger better engagement, and social media analytics help determine what type of content is best for a certain audience.

Using this data to develop an effective content production strategy will result in guaranteed increased engagement.

4. ROI Measurements

Analytical data is useful because it gives businesses an idea of how well their campaign is performing. It’s important to know how many conversions, clicks, and views any targeted ads are getting so that businesses can see which campaigns are effective, and which aren’t.

A bonus point is that when leads are generated through social media, it’s easier for businesses to cultivate these relationships, especially in the pandemic era.

5. Ensure You Get And Stay Ahead Of The Competition

As well as measuring and analysing their own data, businesses can use social media analytics to keep an eye on data from competitors as well. This is effective because it will help your business to learn from their successes and failures and apply it to your own strategies. Instead of your business needing to trial a new marketing method, and sadly finding out that it fails, looking at a competitor’s analytics and seeing that their attempts were ineffective can save a lot of time and money.

6. Map Your Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing has seen a real rise in the past couple of years, largely because of their capacity to increase brand visibility to such a great extent. Social media analytics offer an efficient way of mapping influencer campaigns, by giving insights into which influencer posts are most engaging, and which don’t seem to get good responses.

With these 6 ideas in mind, you will be able to make more informed decisions about which ways of leveraging social media analytics will work best for you and your business.