Christmas Party Ideas Your Workplace Should Consider

It is that time of year again when some people’s thoughts turn to what everyone will do for their annual Christmas party. Although you might not be ready to think about it just yet, it will need to be booked in advance.

Instead of having a boring office party, or everyone going to a bar to get drunk, why not think of something a little more adventurous? Let’s look at Christmas party ideas your workplace should consider.

Go to a Music Night

 If you are someone that loves to dance and sing along to the tunes from your youth, then you will love some of the music night events that happen every week. Events such as old skool garage nights in London have music that goes on in one or two rooms and a dance floor so you can show people your moves.

These events can be booked in advance, so you can have one for your office Christmas party this year. It will be something that will get people talking, and it’s a fun event that doesn’t require a lot of chatting if you don’t want to.

Murder Mystery Day

 If you love to solve clues and get people thinking, then organising a murder mystery day can be a great thing to do as a group. You can either organise these events by yourself, or book one that is already arranged.

Many of these take place in old hotels or stately homes, so the atmosphere will be wonderful. It will mean that you will need willing volunteers to play some of the parts, so you need to ask around your office first if they are up for the challenge.

Escape Rooms

In a similar vein to the murder mystery day, why not consider booking an escape room for your Christmas event? Sometimes the escape rooms have a limit on the numbers of people allowed, so you might have to book two rooms so that everyone has a chance to play.

It can be a great way to get people working together and it isn’t like the traditional parties. Some escape rooms have areas for a party if you want to do that as well. These might not be for everyone, so you can always arrange a meet up in a bar afterwards where everyone can meet.

Go Paintballing

As with escape rooms, paintballing isn’t for everyone. However, if enough of your office colleagues are willing, then it can be a fun day out. There are a number of events and clubs that now offer one-off paintballing sessions. If there are enough of you, then you might be able to split into teams.

It is important to mention to everyone that this is a physical game and that getting hit with a paintball is a common occurrence.

Book Entertainment

If you are all keen to just stay in the office, then you should at least make it entertaining. Why not book a couple of acts such as a magician and a comedian to help make the day go smoothly?

Be aware of the comedian’s material before you book them, it might not be appropriate for some of the staff so be aware. Of course, if you have any talented people in the office, maybe they can take a turn as well.

Another alternative if you have enough office space is to have more than one type of act going on at the same time. You can then leave it up to your colleagues which one they want to see.

Awards Ceremony

Now, this one can get tricky depending on how good a sport your colleagues are. However, if you are all up for a bit of fun then you can organise an office award ceremony.

You can either give trophies to each person that they can proudly display on their desk, or you can give them prizes. It is probably a good idea to not pick categories that will be too controversial just to be safe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun awarding the person that uses the most paper, or the funniest employee award.


There are many things that you can do if you don’t want to conform to the typical Christmas events. Just remember that you want it to be fun for everyone who attends, and you should get opinions first so that you know you will have enough people to make the event worthwhile.