Great Causes Your Business Can Support In The Community

If you are running a business and you want to support your local community, then there are many ways that you can achieve this. You might want to do it just to show your support, but it can also raise your company’s profile among the local population. There are many that you can probably choose from, but here are some great causes your business can support in the community.

Support Your Local Animal Sanctuary

If you have a love of animals, then there is no better way to show your local community support than to donate to an animal sanctuary. Many sanctuaries are always looking for more help to support their work, and having a company as a sponsor will attract more publicity to them and hopefully more donations.

Take a look at the local sanctuaries near your company and see which ones you might like to support. It is also a good idea to chat with a few of them about your idea in case you want to keep certain details private from the media if they take an interest.

Not only will this support the charity, but it will also raise its profile and hopefully attract more visitors to see the animals.

Support a Local Sports Team

Local sports teams both kids and adults are often on the lookout for local sponsors. This type of support can often mean better equipment, kits and other things that they might not have access to otherwise. In return for your support, these teams will display a banner showing your support or place your company name on their kit.

Supporting teams like this can sometimes mean the difference between playing regularly and not playing at all, so your help can be vital. As with any other type of support, you should look around at which local sports teams play in your area. You can then decide which one you want to support.

Donate Office Space

Many charities and non-profit organisations are looking for places to hold meetings. Some of these organisations cannot afford to hire a room on regular occasions. This is where you can help out if you have office space. You can offer to donate this space to them for their meetings or when they need to hold an AGM (Annual General Meeting).

You may find that you have space to donate the same room to more than one charity on different days. This will be a big help to them, plus it means you are using your space effectively.

Donate a Percentage of Products Sold

This is a great way to support more than one charity or local community organisation. By arranging to donate a percentage of the money you get for each product sold, you can rotate which charities you support throughout the year.

You can even ask your followers on social media to vote for which charity or organisation to support next. It means you can offer support to more than one organisation per year, plus if customers know your company does this, it might be a reason they choose your brand over another.

Use Local Suppliers

You can make a big impact on the local community just by using local suppliers instead of national ones. Check out your local community and see which suppliers can help you with your company. You may find better local suppliers than the ones you are currently using.

Many customers also prefer to do business with companies that support their local businesses. By supporting local companies, you are also helping to encourage growth in your local area and grow your local community. This can have the knock-on effect of creating more jobs and more opportunities.

Sponsor Local Events

Many events that take place in a local community need funding to help get them organised. If your company is looking to support the local community, then sponsoring these events can help them have more of an impact and offer more to the community.

The event organisers will likely display a banner showing who is supporting the event which will be a good way of getting your brand in front of the local community.


There are many ways that your business can support the local community. Whether it’s sponsoring or donations, there are many organisations who will be delighted with your support. For some, it might be the difference between the charity operating or not, so you will be making a big impression on your local community.