The Future Of Offices; Smart Offices.

Ever since the emergence of the internet and accessibility to computers to the common man, smart offices have been slowly emerging in the corporate world. But not every common person is aware of the concept of smart offices so let us explain what smart offices are in simple terms.

An Easy-To-Understand Introduction To Smart Offices.

In today’s modern and innovative world, your business and its success depend highly on the productivity of your employees. The quality of work they provide is what decides how far your company will go. A desk and a computer are just not enough anymore, you need to provide your employees with innovative and visionary workplaces.

The new office of the future is the rapidly growing Smart Office. But what is a Smart Office? A Smart Office is a high-tech hybrid workplace that uses analytics and connected technology to boost the efficiency and productivity of employees. In other words, an ecosystem of innovative technologies such as the IoT, hardware and software advanced technologies make working much easier for employees. It brings life to a workplace and motivates employees to perform better by making their tasks convenient.

Some Features Of Smart Offices.

What differentiates a simple office from a smart office? Well, several features of a smart office set it apart from a normal or regular office. For instance, some systems used in smart offices include smart lockers, smart parking apps, room booking systems, building management, smart office solutions, etc. Smart office technology such as data and analytics makes it easier for employers to understand and measure employee behaviour, patterns, preferences, performance, etc. However, some hardware features of a smart office include the following things.

1. Smart Lighting.

When modernising the office environment, smart lighting should be your first priority. Smart lighting not only makes your workplace a much better place in terms of efficiency but you can lower your energy costs by 90 per cent. Increase the efficiency of your employees while saving energy costs in the long run!

2. Smart Entry.

A core feature of a smart office is a smart entry. Allow your office to have a secured entrance system without involving the key management nuisance. Smart entry eliminates the requirement of keys and allows entry of employees that have been given access only.

3. Smart Office Technology.

Smart office technology is the best thing you can bring to your office to improve employee efficiency. However, it is a vast term inclusive of many further features such as an access control system, desk booking software, hot desking, interactive floorplan, gamification, workplace analytics, etc. If you want to completely convert your office into an innovative workplace den, switch to smart office technology.

4. Smart Temperature Control.

Smart temperature control is something you need to have as you can never get all your employees to agree on a temperature everyone wants. However, a smart HVAC system detects patterns and automatically sets and regulates temperatures in different parts of the office. Maximise employee comfort while reducing the carbon footprint!