Top 3 New Cryptocurrency Projects Of 2022

It is difficult to find accurate and objective indicators when it comes to news sites and searches for cryptocurrency exchanges or crypto funds. The main reason is the lack of reliable, verified statistics since almost no one publishes them openly. It also applies to many instruments, which, despite being considered accurate, can provide a wide range of indicators.

If you are starting to study the cryptocurrency market, you may experience difficulties in the initial stages of working with crypto exchanges. However, thanks to helpful information platforms such as, you will always be aware of the top cryptocurrency funds, businesses, and projects. Here you will find information about top funds, the current exchange rate, and forecasts from experts in this niche. The platform offers you helpful investment guides and long-term cryptocurrency price predictions. Read to find out which crypto funds you should pay attention to.

Drunk Robots

The Drunk Robots project at is a game developed by a team of experts and built on Binance Smart Chain. Your main mission in this project is to capture a city full of evil robots and survive this challenging duel. In this blockchain game, you can collect street trash, guns, robots, and other items. In addition, you can join an existing gang or create your own faction to gain power in the city.


Paragen is a network-independent launch pad and incubator built into the BNB network. Its goal is to offer an extremely fair, budgeted, tiered system focused on game projects and the metaverse. Up-to-date information about the funds and the project can be found at Paragen advises projects on the best class of knowledge. From marketing and strategy to a detailed technical introduction. The project also ensures long-term sustainable growth for outstanding projects.


It is a “Play to Earn” oriented virtual environment that hosts multi-app games like Steam. In addition, it provides connectivity to Blockchain infrastructures such as Play-to-Earn, Prediction Markets, Tokenized Tournaments, and Attention Marketplace, all one-click services. Colizeum offers connectivity to blockchain-based infrastructure. It is an easy way for mobile game developers to implement tokenized game modes and the Play-To-Earn economy without prior knowledge of blockchain development. Game developers will be able to add tokenized game mode monetization on top of existing (traditional) monetization or create their own games on the blockchain.

Final Words

Now that the blockchain industry has reached its peak, and the industry itself is filled with brands, projects, exchanges, and public figures, stars that provide growth for a segment that does not even correlate with crypto. The development of these technologies opens up new opportunities for the world. This paves the way for innovation and achievement. If you are going to start investing or are already investing in cryptocurrencies, then be sure to study a lot of information. In addition, it will be helpful for you to study blockchain technologies, information about the metaverse, and many other data. The projects on our list deserve your attention.