Adult SEO Guide

The world has morphed into the digital era. Everything is done online, especially marketing and sales. It is why websites are now an integral part of a brand. But what use is a website if it is getting zero clicks. Scarce clicks are part of the struggles most brands face and the simple explanation for this is; your website is probably on the tenth page on Google. This is a problem because most people never go past the first page. This is why adult SEO is fast becoming a popular trade in the adult industry as it makes your website visible.

Just like traditional marketing uses strategies like popular and visible locations to mount tents, word of mouth and so on, digital marketing does the same but with SEO strategies. Applying adult SEO strategies to your adult website makes clicks possible, thereby pushing your website to the first page on a Google search. SEO rests on three pillars and they are; On-page SEO, Offsite SEO and Technical SEO. They are the major SEO strategies that are capable of boosting your website traffic.

On-Page SEO

This has to do with optimizing your webpage to aid its rank on a Google search. In simpler words; all your efforts are pushed into making your webpages better. This is done by implementing the following adult SEO methods:

  • Producing quality and relevant content; This should be at the back of your mind when you are creating your adult website. Google like other search engines aims to serve its users efficiently. So, if the content you are pushing out is of low quality; doesn’t explain the subject of the search concisely and provides irrelevant information, your website will not be shown to the public.


  • Catchy title; The importance of a catchy title cannot be overemphasised. Your title is the first thing people are going to see; it determines the clicks your website will receive. Create seizing titles to gain clicks.


  • Keyword research and optimization; For your page to rank, search engines need to be convinced that your website deserves a high position and keywords make this possible. Search engines pick out keywords related to the query to provide results. So, you need to invest in keyword research. Apps like Keyword planner and SEMrush makes this easier. Also, make sure you do not overstuff your content with keywords because search engines will see that as spammy. Instead, break your keyword into synonyms and use phrases.

Offsite SEO

This strategy is different from the previous one. In Offsite SEO, effort is moved from optimization of web pages to promotion. The routes you should take to achieve efficient Offsite SEO include:

  • Build field relationships: This is the preceding route because it presides over everything you will be doing in Offsite SEO. Field relationships are important because it is a support system. With field relationships, you can help each other boost the traffic of your websites.
  • Backlink: Backlink simply means a link that transports you to another website. It is the ultimate traffic boost. Backlink is a benefit of field relationships. Your field friend can insert your link in his website and that will be because of the relationship you build with them. You will need to return the favouritism. You can also obtain backlink by taking advantage of broken links. You need to be well acquainted with your online field to achieve this. Broken links are links that do not work.
  • These links can be found in a lot of adult websites. To search for broken links, you will need to add check my links to Google chrome. After that, you run a search on Google with the keyword you are writing on, different sites will pop up. Then, you click on any site and run the check my links analysis, the broken links will be revealed. You can now send an email to the owner of the website saying you found some broken links and you have good content that can replace them. Make sure your content is impressive. It is important to note that paying for links will get your site banned. Google’s update; penguin, makes this possible.

Technical SEO

This SEO is associated with website and server optimizations. Here are some techniques to apply:

  • Make sure your adult website can be viewed on all mobile devices.
  • Run frequent searches for broken links.
  • Your adult website’s navigation must be seamless. Make use of navigation tools.

There are other adult SEO strategies that can be implemented but like earlier stated these strategies are the pillars of SEO. With these strategies your adult website is sure to be delivered from tenth page syndrome.