Just Buy a Proxy Thailand server: Make Your Internet Experience Better

When you buy proxy thailand server, you get unlimited access to all resources of the World Wide Web in anonymity mode. IP addresses are placed directly in the country’s networks, and can be chosen at random to bypass site restrictions.

The inbound/outbound processing center is located in the Asian region. Attackers and local regulators have no chance to track the physical location of a computer and no way to learn about a person’s online activity.

Our users can easily conduct financial transactions, watch video content in any resolution, communicate on social networks and work with documentation in great volume.

A Little About IP Addresses

Since proxy servers are responsible for IP spoofing, it is worth clarifying a bit what it does and why changing the IP address solves the above described problems with access to sites and services:

  • The IP address tells sites and web applications where you are. Which compromises your privacy and security.
  • It’s also used to block access to content. Often based on physical location.

So people use proxies and hide behind foreign addresses to avoid being blocked and not get as much visibility on the internet. But then again, there are exceptions when the proxy server openly shares user data with the site and is only used to speed up requests.

Proxy Thailand from Soax

Here are some features you should familiarize yourself with in advance:

  • Private proxy servers with connection protocols, access to which is granted only to you during the entire period of the lease with a full guarantee of anonymity and security of your personal data.
  • We will help you to solve all the problems connected with the proxy usage settings. We will also remotely help you to solve any possible problems directly on your PC if you allow us to do so in exceptional cases.
  • Our support service is available 24 hours a day, our specialists are available at any convenient time for the customer, without any waiting.
  • Our data centers equipment is under the constant supervision of professional system administrators.

Besides, a flexible tariff system including price reduction in case of IP-address leasing, as well as in case of buying them in bundles, allows you to save on your purchase of proxy servers in the end.

Server Conditions of Work

We use modern connection protocols HTTP/S and Socks5, providing a separate server for each client while maintaining anonymity and security of data transmission. User proxy chooses the number of servers and the rental period, which allows you to calculate the cost for a long time. The service works exclusively with the customer and does not disclose authorization data to third parties.

We have no traffic limits – you can download and send any amount of data without any limits.

How to Get a Proxy

To use the service of a dedicated proxy server, consider the following information:

  1. Purpose of use (messengers, search services and others).
  2. The number of reserved IP-addresses.
  3. Service duration (from 1 month and more).
  4. The method of signing in.
  5. E-mail address.
  6. Your payment option.

Soax knows how time is precious to you, that’s why they give out proxies instantly. Most orders are given in automatic mode, if your email is excluded from the auto distribution, the selection of IP addresses may take a few minutes. If the proxies have not been received within 30 minutes, please contact support. After that you can start using it comfortably.

So, a proxy server is an extra link between you and the Internet. And if you buy a proxy Thailand from Soax, your use of the Internet will become much more efficient and convenient.