The Best Golf Equipment Money Can Buy In 2022

Golfing with the finest clubs may improve your game, but the confidence it inspires in yourself pays dividends. Newer golf equipment hands you the latest technology to solve common golf problems.

One industry insider said that new golf technology rolls out every seven to eight years, so if you golf with clubs older than that, you are missing essential technology to out-golf your buddies and take home bragging rights. 

Tests show that cheap golf drivers sacrifice distances of up to 40 yards compared to premium golf gear. 

What’s The Best Golf Equipment Money Can Buy in 2022?

Let’s look at golf equipment that will leave no questions about value. 

1. RBZ Speedlite Set

The forged driver radiates value and stands out as the biggest selling point of the set. Its lightweight 460 titanium driver generates faster ball speed and distance. They outfitted the driver with the TaylorMade Speed Pocket Technology to give you more face area closer to the toe and heel. 

Looking at the pitching wedge boasts masterful control and ball spin. They do feel chunkier than other wedges in the premium category, but they perform with perfect execution around the greens. Sporting a versatile C Grind helps you from the rough and the short grass. 

The mallet-style putter highlights the weakest point. Not everyone will love the design, but that may boil down more to personal preference. It uses patented technology known as Pure Roll for greater stability on the green. You can aim with a sight dot, topline, and the cutaway channel behind the face. 

Overall, you receive an excellent value that will help you to start golfing with better accuracy and consistency.


  • The driver is one of the best.
  • Golf clubs feel like premium grade quality.
  • Great weight distribution of the clubs. 


  • The putter is an acquired taste. 

2. Cobra Fly XL Set

Standing out as one of the best complete sets for high handicappers and beginner golfers, the bag holds all your clubs snugly to prevent them from rubbing against each other and damaging the clubs. 

Built for maximum forgiveness and distance, the Cobra Fly XL set includes two wedges and a putter. The wedges include a 45-degree pitching wedge and a 55-degree sand wedge. You receive a 34-inch classic putter with the ideal weight and tactile feedback. 

Cobra Golf made the Cobra Fly XL Set bag available in two colors. You can buy the cart bag in blue and white or the stand bag in black. Whichever one you choose, it will hold all your golf clubs without issue, and you could even add extra golf clubs. 


  • One of the best beginners sets out there.
  • Works well and includes all the necessities. 
  • Holds your clubs nice and snug.
  • Excellent forgiveness from the clubs. 


  • The woods feel heavy.
  • None of the clubs have a satisfying sound. 

3. TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set

A first glance at the TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set reveals a stunningly beautiful set of irons that look clean and modern with a sleek chrome finish. TaylorMade manufactured the Stealth Irons with a hollow head that will feel different from forged iron. The hollow head aims to reduce the vibration and twist on the club head. 

Honestly, they make forged iron for more skilled golfers. 

We would recommend the Stealth Irons for golfers in the mid-to-high handicap range. TaylorMade launched the Stealth Irons to replace the SIM2 Max Irons. They designed the irons to launch the ball higher and to go greater distances. Some golfers said it added 10 yards to every swing.

To go along with a golfing set, you can also buy indoor greens like the ones from The Left Rough to help practise and play golf.

You can buy the graphite shafts for this one to improve swing speeds if you swing slower and need a lighter club. This set of irons stands out as one of the most forgiving that you can buy.

Despite the hollow club heads, the ECHO Damping System was expanded across the face from heel to toe. This yields better distance that feels more like forged iron. Unlike other clubs, the ball flies straight, and you won’t see it go off to the side of the green. 


  • Highly accurate golf clubs
  • One of the best-looking golf sets.
  • Options to customize the shaft how you like it. 
  • Awesome forgiveness with these clubs.


  • It has a made-in-China sticker. 
  • No club covers included.

Final Thoughts

With whatever set of clubs you choose, you can trust in the quality of the clubs. However, if we had to recommend one, we would say to choose the RBZ Speedlite Set. 

You can also pick up a golf cart if you have a larger budget. 

Getting the best golf equipment will often come down to paying attention to what works best for you since even the best golf equipment isn’t made for every golfer.