Waterjet Machines: Water Jet Cutter From The Manufacturer

Water jet cutting is a sort of sheet metal production technology that can cut almost any material, soft or hard. Pressurizing pumps provide high-pressure water jets that may cut a variety of materials in this procedure.

Waterjet cutting machines can deliver water at three times the speed of sound, creating a devastating force that can cut practically any material. Water jet cutting technology is a great way to cut thermally sensitive or thicker materials.

This article will educate you on water jet cutting technology to help you understand how this process works and what to look for when selecting a water jet cutting service provider.

What exactly is a waterjet?

A water jet cutter is stone cutting equipment that uses a high-pressure jet of water coupled with an abrasive substance to cut a variety of materials. Water jet cutters may also be referred to as water jets.

When a waterjet employs a combination of water and abrasives, it is referred to as an abrasive jet; if the waterjet does not use abrasives, it is referred to as a pure waterjet or water-only cutting. Because they cannot cut hard materials, pure waterjet (or water-only cutting) is used for wood or rubber.

Waterjets may cut hard materials by compressing water to extremely high pressures and generating a forceful cutting stream (up to 6000 bars). The stream may travel at up to three times the speed of sound. When concentrated on a specific location, this high-speed water can cut almost anything!

Waterjet is ecologically benign since it produces no smoke, dust, vapour, or fumes. Let’s go through it in more depth.

Water Jet Cutting Machine Advantages:

  • A water jet cutter uses water or a water combination to cut cloth that is controlled by a computer.
  • Fabric is cut using specialised software.
  • A water jet intensifier pump generates a very high velocity (60,000 lb/square inch) and tiny diameter steam of water.
  • The high-pressure jet functions as a solid instrument and sharp knife, effortlessly severing textiles, lathers, and plastic products.
  • The jet’s speed and cutting capabilities decrease as it penetrates consecutive plies in a spread. As a result, the bottom layers of cloth cutting will be more extensive but less effective.
  • When cutting the cloth, the jet of water and lose fibres are gathered and drained away by a catcher. It is at the bottom of the cloth and flows at the same speed and direction as a water jet.
  • To increase cutting speed, the pressure and radius of the jet must be adjusted.

What Is the Function of a Water Jet Cutter: Working Procedure

Water jet cutting is a specific sort of computer numerical control (CNC) machining method. To improve the efficiency of the pressure water, use clean water or combine different abrasives with it.

The water cutter cutting machine comes with a table to support the material. The CNC machine is controlled by computer-generated software. As a result, no human intervention is required throughout the process.

The following are the essential rules that most waterjet cutting machines adhere to:

You must first pressurise the water. To generate extremely high-pressure water, specially designed “Crankshaft pumps” are employed.

  • The cutting head is the highly pressured water’s next destination. The water is transported through high-pressure tubes. Water enters the cutting head through a hole.
  • The entrance part is constructed of solid gemstones like ruby, diamond, or hard materials. And the opening is little, hardly bigger than a pinhole. Apply the fundamental law of physics now. When the pressure passes through the little hole, it is converted into velocity. We previously said that an intensifier pump could generate pressured water at 90 thousand psi. And when the water flows through the CNC machine’s small hole, it may create a velocity of approximately 2500 miles per hour! That is a tremendous rate of devastation.
  • The mixing chamber and the nozzle are two parts of the cutting head. They are usually installed right beneath the water ejection hole in most typical machines. The goal of this mixing chamber is to combine abrasive material with water steam.
  • Water speeds up the abrasive in the mixing tube, which is placed underneath the mixing chamber. As a result, we have strong steam that can cut almost any material.

Although different machines function in different ways, the core water jet cutting concept is nearly the same.

Why Would You Consider Using Waterjet Cutting?

Whether you are new to or currently use water jet cutting technology, you should know its advantages. The following are some advantages of employing the water jet cutting principle:

  • Remove everything you wish. Water jet cutting technology is now so adaptable that almost any material may be used. A water jet can cut through plastics, composites, ceramics, rubber, and metals.
  • There is no heat-affected zone. Water jets are cold-cutting technology, and there is no heat-affected zone while using the technique. As a result, the operators are also kept safe during the procedure.
  • Removes the possibility of material distortion. This is also another advantage of cold cutting. The metal does not come into contact with heat. As a result, there is no material distortion, and the cut is clean.
  • The Finishing process is self-contained. Waterjet technology’s cutting quality is so exact that most of the time no additional surface polishing is required. This method improves the cutting process by enhancing overall efficiency and decreasing cutting time.
  • Friendly to the environment. The most troubling aspect of contemporary production is its environmental impact. Also, the water pressure cutter generates no toxic waste. As a result, it is an ecologically benign procedure, and more companies are adopting it.

Water Jet Cutter From The Manufacturer

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Final Words

The water jet cutting technology is one of the greatest cutting methods for exceptional precision and accuracy in metal products.

However, this is a tough approach that requires innovative technology and highly qualified engineers, experts, and employees to perform. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while selecting a service provider.

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