Choosing a Telemarketing Company

Unless businesses know what they want from the start, outsourced telemarketing will not be effective.

In today’s marketplace, there are an overwhelming number of telemarketing companies to choose from.

If you want to hire a telemarketing company to make cold calls for you, you should interview several companies before making a decision and agreeing to work with one.

Take a step back before you leap.

If you want to learn how to choose successful telemarketing services for your campaigns, keep reading.

Ensure Their Experience is Relevant

The telemarketing service industry is no different from any other type of marketing: there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula.

In choosing an outbound telemarketing agency, look for companies who are experts in both your and their fields.

When it comes to B2B telemarketing campaigns, a B2B specialist firm is more effective than one that’s more familiar with consumer marketing.

During a cold call, your telemarketer is expected to understand the issues and demands of a typical decision maker from your target audience.

Previous experience with similar businesses is vital for them to do this effectively.

The agency you choose shouldn’t provide the same standard solution to all clients.

At More Than Words Marketing, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients – and we believe this isn’t too much to ask from any outbound telemarketing service.

Identify Your Goals

A comprehensive, well-organised sales strategy must be in place prior to looking for your telemarketing agency.

The best way to begin this process is to decide what you want to achieve with your campaign.

At More Than Words Marketing, our telemarketers are able to perform database cleansing, set appointments, perform market research and conduct telephone surveys and interviews.

There is a wide scope of objectives to choose from.

Create a detailed brief to present to the agencies you are looking at.

Not only does this allow them to understand your needs, but it will also ensure you get a more realistic price estimate from the telesales agencies you are considering.

Consider Budget, But Focus on Value

Obviously, budget is an important factor to consider.

Service levels will often vary depending on price bands and payment structures.

You should understand exactly what you’re paying for and how this contributes to your wider campaign.

While pay-per-lead is often attractive at first glance, it can cause issues for your overall strategy.

A sales rep is more likely to focus on immediate results than sustainability if they are being paid by volume of leads.

Establishing clear outcomes and expectations is key to a successful project.

Your agency’s quality measures help you to assess its value and ensure a good return on investment from any campaign you book with them.

Any good lead generation service will be happy to discuss your goals and help you work out how to spend your budget most effectively.

Talk About Feedback And Evaluation

Another factor to consider when hiring telemarketers is the way in which they will present their results.

You should expect a detailed reporting procedure that will document the number of calls made and response rates.

Choose a company that will give you qualitative as well as quantitative feedback.

This gives you a comprehensive understanding of the campaign’s performance and can help you to plan future campaigns more effectively.


The telemarketing agency you choose will play a central role in the success of your telemarketing campaign – so the choice you make must be careful and educated.

Meet with several companies and get several quotes to see which options best match your campaign objectives.

Use the tips and techniques listed above to compare each service, so that your final choice is a company you can build a long-term business relationship with.

More Than Words Marketing specialises in B2B, schools and public sector telemarketing.

Our telephone service offers:

  1. Smart, confident telemarketers who represent your brand well
  2. An ability to get recipients’ attention right away
  3. Our telemarketers know when to talk and when to listen
  4. Fast, effective, efficient market research and sales calls

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