A Fabulous Start to the Michaelmas Term at Cherwell College Oxford

This summer flashed before our eyes, and those students, who continue with us this year, are back to their study and hard work again: Michaelmas Term has started and we are ready to make it great! We are here celebrating the successes of our graduates and looking forward to the newcomers to reach for the stars.

We do hope that your summer was as exciting as ours at Cherwell College. And it is not because of the marvellous vacation destinations, but because of the student destinations that put huge smiles on the faces of those tutors that invested time and efforts and helped students achieve their academic dreams. Cherwell College Oxford is proud to be the educational institution that nurtured brilliant minds and unfolded the potential of young talents.

Student Destinations

There is nothing better to see than a growing appetite from young people to look for the best opportunities for their academic achievements when they choose their university routes!

Among this year’s student university destinations are:

– University of Exeter
– University of Nottingham
– SOAS University of London
– Paris College of Art (France)
– University of Manchester
– King’s College London, University of London
– Loughborough University
– Royal Holloway, University of London
– Queen Mary University of London
– City, University of London

Congratulations to our achievers and all the best!

And we welcome our returning and new students to their new alma mater. Figure-wise, we know that around 10% out of the whole proportion of the student cohort have moved from other educational institutions to study with us, and we are happy to enrol them. But what actually attracts youngsters to Cherwell, this Oxford sixth form college?

Programme Types and Perks of Tutorial System of Education

Cherwell College is proud to offer the best style of study, that the UK has to offer: the tutorial. Bespoke education attracts those students who could not fit into the larger classroom environment and needed a personal approach. The effectiveness of such a “mini-Oxbridge” education style has been proved by the annual outstanding results of our students and further academic destinations they take.

Cherwell offers a range of programmes in small groups and individually, so you can choose your own course track:

  • Traditional GCSE and A-Level Programmes;
  • Fast Track A-Level and IGCSE (The one-year condensed programme, or A-Level fast track and International GCSE, each of them good for the students from overseas, in order to fit into the UK educational programme);
  • Resits and short-term courses (GCSE retakes, Summer courses, Easter revision and preparations for A-Levels and GCSEs);
  • Oxbridge/University entrance preparation.

The main intake to either A-Levels or GCSEs happens in September and

January. However, due to the nature of the institution of this sixth-form college in Oxford (due to a one-to-one basis of study), it is possible to join at any point in the academic year, if the places are available. However, we highly recommend joining from the very start of Michaelmas Term, because life is getting extremely exciting in Oxford!

The Epicenter of Science and Culture

Studying at Cherwell College Oxford, no matter whether you take one-year courses or prefer to spend 2 years or more in the traditional programmes, means that you are right in the whirlpool of fantastic events! Michaelmas (autumn) term is the longest one, but dynamic, with a number of career fairs, and science and music festivals.

For instance, the annual city-wide science and ideas festival in Oxford celebrates its 31st anniversary this year, and the whole month of October the city will host 100 events, including interactive zones, workshops, performance art, walking tours, and panel discussions. And that’s just one of them to mention!

Once you are ready and willing to join Cherwell College Oxford, please contact us:
Phone: +44 (0) 1865 242670