Top 5 Ways to Make Money with TikTok

TikTok is the platform with the world’s most significant audience growth. More than forty million users use the TikTok platform every week. The application for creating and watching short videos has become one of the most popular worldwide. And the number of downloads has passed 2 billion. At first time, the focus of the videos was mainly entertainment.


People advertise their products and services on the platform with short clips of 15-300 seconds; with TikTok, you can buy shoes, find a hairdresser or choose the best live casino online. Today, besides memes and celebrities, in TikTok, you can see the latest news and live broadcasts in different directions; there are accounts of major brands from the beauty industry to the spheres of banking and economics.

Today it is still possible to take a quick start on this platform and come to monetization in a few months – start advertising brands, promote an expert blog and find customers, sell your products and collect donations on streams.

So it’s easy enough to monetize your page on this platform; you need to know how to do it right. We live in the digital age – with the help of numerous modern services and knowledge, making money online in 2022 is easier than ever before. For example, many people are trying their hand at online roulette for real money – making online money while working from home in their spare time.

Features of Monetization of The TikTok Account

  1. The number of subscribers is not in the first place. More important is the interaction with the content: views, likes, and comments. A million subscribers but a few hundred views? That’s not good. Five hundred subscribers and 300 views? Great!
  2. The audience has changed. TikTok is no longer a social network for teenagers. 43% of users are 25 to 44 years old. Keep that in mind when creating content.
  3. Fast-moving trends. What was popular yesterday will fall by the wayside tomorrow. Don’t get hung up on one thing; keep up with your audience: trends in TikTok are changing at an unreal speed. Watch the videos in the recommendations, and analyze and follow famous bloggers. You’ll have to draw ideas and generate a lot of content.
  4. Original style. To become famous on TikTok in 2022 and make your blog profitable, you need not just make videos but come up with your own style, a chip that will set you apart from the rest.
  5. Load-up subscribers won’t help. The social network calculates them quickly and effortlessly. You can get a shadow ban on your account. And in the worst case, your page will simply be deleted.

What Are The Best Ways to Make Money in TikTok?

There are a relatively large number of ways to make money on the social network TikTok. But to use each of them successfully, you must have a solid enough number of subscribers; otherwise, the same advertising will not bring any income. Here are the main ways to make money in TikTok.

1.  Leave a Link To The Website

One of the non-obvious ways to make money in TikTok is to leave a link to a website where you offer products or services. For example, you have a small online store making decorative candles. You can create a TikTok account and post videos where you show the process of making candles or show off your finished work. The more people watch your tiktoks, the more likely some of them will go to the candle site and make a purchase.

2. Create Affiliate Content

The more subscribers you have, the more likely well-known brands will want to partner with you. Companies love TikTok – because it’s a new platform, the credibility of TikTok influencers is much higher than that of opinion leaders on Instagram. And that means you can get a lucrative advertising contract with far fewer followers than you would need on Instagram or Youtube.

3. Offer Your Services

A TikTok account is a powerful marketing tool that can help you attract clients and build authority in the field. For example:

  1. A lawyer can share helpful legal advice.
  2. A sport lover can give some advices about betting on football.
  3. An interior designer can make videos with home decorating tips and tricks.

The more people who watch your account, the better it is for your brand, and the better the chances of finding potential clients and earning at Tik Tok.

4. Maintaining Other Tiktoker’s Accounts And Helping With Content Development

You can also make money with Tik Tok without a personal account or by combining your brand and working with other people’s accounts.

Maintaining someone else’s account. You can take over someone else’s profile comprehensively or take on tasks that the author doesn’t want to do himself – processing and uploading videos, applying text and effects, and coming up with and implementing ideas.

Writing scripts. Often it may be necessary for brands – large companies hire individual specialists. The commercials should be designed following the overall marketing strategy of the brand.

Comprehensive SMM. Just as brands have a presence on Instagram, they are now infiltrating TikTok. To make money maintaining company accounts, you’ll need these skills and actions:

  • knowledge of Tik Tok algorithms,
  • the ability to set up targeted advertising,
  • ability to think through promotion strategies,
  • analysis of trends,
  • the search for sites for advertising,
  • consulting and producing.

5. Earn Money on Music Tracks

Many musicians order videos of their songs from bloggers. You can earn income by promoting new tracks and helping their authors gain popularity. If the song goes viral – you’ll make good money, and the customer will quickly become famous. Don’t forget that TikTok is a music social network and the success of your video essentially depends on the right track. You can choose from the application’s library or use the original sound.