Expert Advice on Regular Car Servicing 

Why should you service your car every six or twelve months? Is it just a way for car manufacturers and mechanics to make money or do services serve a justifiable purpose? It is the latter – car servicing is vitally important – and all the motoring experts agree. If you are someone who is very particular about experiencing a smooth drive while in metropolitan cities like London, then considering car service should be among your top priority list.

Let us take a look at what experts have to say about car servicing.

Services Prevent Breakdowns

Cars are not like people – they will not get better when something small goes wrong. And, perhaps more importantly, small problems do not remain small. They will inevitably worsen over time until the part breaks or fails, most often when you are in traffic, moving at quite a high speed, leaving you facing a broken down car (best case scenario) or involved in a potentially very serious accident. The worst case scenario does not bear thinking about.

Tyre Rotation

Servicing is a great time for your mechanic to advise you as to whether your tyres are wearing unevenly. This is a common occurrence, with the most wear appearing on the outside of the tyres and on the front tyres, rather than those at the back.

Tyre rotation – the swapping of tyres from side to side and from back to front allows for the better condition part of the tyre to take the most wear for a while, until wear is even, or the ‘good side’ has now become the ‘bad side’. Tyre rotation can be repeated until the tyre’s tread depth is too low for legal driving, ensuring you get the best wear out of your tyres and enjoy safe driving during this time.

Keeps You Safe on the Road

Regular services keep you safe on the road. As well as avoiding the worst case scenario from the first point, a regular service ensures that every aspect of your car is looked at and maintained in good working order by catching all those small signs of imminent failure and replacing parts, tightening nuts, and generally restoring the vehicle to the good roadworthy status it should always have under the law.

Keeps Others Safe on the Road

Perhaps the strongest reason for having your car serviced regularly is the idea of keeping others safe on the road. A child, running out into the road, as is often experienced by motorists driving in London, for example, can be saved if your brakes are sharply responsive, with good levels of brake fluid and solid brake pads to bite down onto the wheel to stop the car instantly.

Quite apart from knowing that you are keeping others safe, a moment’s consideration of the other side of the equation bears thinking about – imagine you do not service your car promptly, a relatively small and cheap part fails catastrophically and you are in an accident in which someone – or several someone’s – are injured or worse.

How insignificant the minor inconvenience and cost of a service seems in that sickening moment. Having an active (and slightly doom-laden) imagination is an excellent incentive for regular maintenance and servicing. You can also book your car servicing in London from DAT Tyres – they offer a range of servicing options to suit the needs of your vehicle.

Team It With a Valet

Seeing as you are taking your car for its service, why not include a valeting service at the same time. Not only will this mean that your car is returned to you clean and uncluttered and smelling delightfully of pine forest or citrus blossom.

You will also be able to spot potential problems with your interior and exterior: window cracks that you thought were dirt streaks, dents or rust patches that were hidden by dirt, clouding on a headlight that you assumed would wash off – all of these issues can be easily dealt with before they become major problems for you. There is also a psychological reason for keeping your car clean and tidy – you will take care of it better when it is nice and tidy than when it is dirty or cluttered!