The Benefits of OOH Advertising

OOH advertising or out-of-home advertising has been a constant form of marketing for many years. OOH media and advertising are forms of advertising which typically take place outside the target audience’s home. Out-of-home advertising should be a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

OOH Advertising

Traditional marketing is often forgotten about in our increasingly digital world; however, it still has many uses. It is a powerful tool for raising brand awareness.

Why Use OOH Advertising

There is a great deal of advertising that happens every day outside your home. In a marketing campaign, you should consider all avenues to reach your target audience. OOH advertising can reach many people, especially in places with denser populations.

Impressions are one of the most important aspects of OOH media. Since you can’t really see how successful they are by sales or conversions.

These types of advertising can be varied but all serve the purpose to grow an audience and increase brand awareness. Here are some common methods for out-of-home adverting.


Capable of giving your company a lot of exposure, billboards are commonly seen in towns and cities. They tend to vary in price depending on their location. Some billboards will be seen by a lot more people and as a result, can cost more to rent out.

The ROI for a billboard in terms of exposure however can be more than worth the cost. Many billboards are in places where there is high traffic, such as busy roads or along railways. This leads to increased brand exposure for your business.

Be creative with a billboard campaign. A creative billboard can leave a lasting impression on its audience that could also lead to word-of-mouth exposure.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to billboards, then posters may be the best option. They can be easily widely spread and are cost-effective. Posters can be placed in magazines or booklets. Posters can be a lot more versatile as well. You can use posters for specific events or individual aspects of your business.

Posters can also be used for special offers. Create posters for special promotional events or include coupons. This is a simple way to gain and possibly retain new customers.

Posters can come in a variety of sizes and are easier to create and distribute. Unlike billboards, they can be placed both indoors and outdoors, giving you more options to reach your target audience.

If your business has a website or an app, then having a QR code on your poster is a simple way to lead your customers to your business. Customers often prefer having a QR code rather than having to type in an address manually.

Leaflet Advertising

Leaflets share many of the benefits that posters offer. They are cheap and easy to produce. Leaflet advertising also comes with the added benefit of including more information about your business.

Including leaflets in your marketing campaigns can be a great benefit to your business. They can be distributed via an event or by mail, depending on how local your clients are.

You should still consider the kind of audience you are trying to appeal to. A lot of younger audiences wouldn’t get the same value out of a leaflet as an older demographic.

QR codes can be placed easily and conveniently on a leaflet without disrupting the design. QR codes can allow your customers to access your website with ease. They can also provide you with a measure of success, by seeing how many of the QR codes are being used.

Buses and Bus Stops

Another great way to utilise OOH advertising is through buses. Bus advertisements are an affordable way to reach a large audience over a wide area. One of the key benefits of this form of advertising is that it can be seen all throughout a large area, instead of just a static location. This can give your business extensive and long-lasting exposure.

Bus stops nowadays usually have digital displays. Your audience can have a unique experience with an animated or a video advertisement. Making an impact on your audience is vital, so a more creative advertisement is sure to leave a larger impact.

How To Measure OOH Advertising

The main way to measure out-of-home advertising is by impressions. Places with a larger population and more traffic will bring more eyes to your advertisements.

You can find out which areas see more traffic through travel surveys or data modelling. You could also work out the geographical area of your target audience and choose to advertise there.

QR codes can also help you measure the success of your advertisements. You can see each time a unique phone number scans a QR code. This can show you just how well your audience responds to your adverts.

Once your advertisements are active, you can correlate any uptick in business to when your advertisements were placed. This can give you some idea of the success of your ads. Primarily, any rise in brand lift can be attributed to your OOH ads.


OOH advertising can often be a cost-effective way to raise your brand awareness. To make the most out of this form of advertising, analyse your target audience thoroughly to get an idea of their habits. Depending on your audience OOH ads might be more effective than regular ads.