Tips For Building An Extension On A Client’s Home

Building an extension on a client’s home is not always an easy task. Some extensions can be quite straightforward, whereas others can be rather difficult.

building extension

Don’t worry, this article includes a few tips to help make building an extension easier.

Source All Of Your Materials

One of the first things you should do is to source all of your materials. You will need many different materials to help you build the extension. You’ll need both internal and external materials.

It makes sense then, to have a supplier so you can buy the bricks you need. You’ll need a supplier for the flooring and tiles and an mdf shelving manufacturer and supplier for the in-built shelving.

When you have all of the materials you need you’re less likely to run into problems.

Understand The Design

Understand what your client wants. Know the design inside and out so you can speak to them about any potential issues.

Some clients will want a basic extension, others will want a more elaborate one. Make sure you understand the design so you can build an extension they love.

Understand The Landscape

When it comes to building an extension you may need to consider the landscape. Think about:

  • If there are any potential drainage issues
  • If the land is level
  • How close the extension will be to trees and structures
  • How good the land is to build on
  • If there is enough space for you to build an extension

When you understand the landscape you’re more likely to build a safe extension.

Agree On A Budget

When it comes to the issue of a budget, there may be some concerns.

Clients usually want the best possible extension for the least amount of money.

Talk to your client about their budget and tell them what you can offer them.

You may have to ask for more money so you can give them the extension they want.

Don’t begin work until you have agreed on a budget.

Agree On a Timescale

It would be great if you could build an extension within a few days. However, this is not possible.

Agree with your client on a timescale so you both know where you stand. Try to give yourself more than enough time to complete the project.

Inquire About Planning Permission

Most clients will already have planning permission for an extension, but some won’t. Ask your client:

  • When they were given planning permission
  • If they don’t have permission yet when they expect to receive it by
  • If they have permission, what the limitations are
  • If there is anything that they’re concerned about

If you begin a project without checking for planning permission you could be making a mistake. Save your time and money and ask about planning permission first.

Use the above tips to help you build an extension on a client’s home. They can help to make the process a little easier while ensuring you keep your client happy.