Everything You Need to Know About Greek Transcription and Translation Services

Greek transcription is the act of converting Greek audio or video files into text documents. On the other hand, Greek translation is converting text or words from Greek into another language or vice versa.

How Greek Transcription and Translation Works

When an individual is interested in transcription or translation services, they must first source a reliable company or individual who provides them. Companies and individuals charge different rates per word or minute of audio. Additionally, some providers use machine/automated tools, while others use human services.

To get the best results, you should hire a company that uses human transcriptionists and translators instead of one that uses automated software. This is because the latter can result in awkward errors in the content and loss of context.

Why You Need to Hire Greek Transcription/Translation Services

Whether in law, medicine, academia, or podcasting, here are reasons you might need a Greek translator or transcriber:

  • Increased Content Accessibility

Having your work transcribed or translated to or from Greek might help you grow your audience. This is because, with the transcribed work, you can reach out to more people, be they hearing impaired or from another country.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most vital tools in marketing. Written content is easier to search as compared to audio and video. Transcripts and translations contain relevant keywords which can help your website rank highly on search engines. Consequently, you will attract more clients, leading to higher sales.

  • Versatility of Content

You can repurpose transcribed and translated content in numerous ways, including blogs, social media posts, and ebooks. You will reach a larger audience with multiple media formats instead of just video or audio content. Texts also improve comprehension since people can read at their own pace.

Benefits of Using Greek Human Transcription Over Automated Transcription

With the advancement in technology, people can use AI software for speech recognition. However, machine-learning solutions are not as accurate as human transcriptionists. Here are the top reasons why human-based Greek transcription is better:

  • Dialects and Accents

Native Greek speakers can differentiate accents and dialects in the language. On the contrary, machines cannot decipher them, making mistakes or losing context and the intended meaning of a statement.

  • Overlapping Conversations

Human transcribers can identify multiple speakers in an audio file and track each speaker’s speech throughout the file. On the other hand, machine transcription software might struggle with this and overlapped speech. Additionally, human transcribers can proofread the work after completion to ensure accuracy, especially in an error-sensitive field such as medicine.

  • Background Noise

Human transcribers can accurately transcribe an audio recording with lots of background noise without losing any information. Transcription software might not handle noise and may reject the whole file.

  • Homophones

Homophones are two or more words with identical pronunciations but different spellings, meanings, and origins. Automated tools might not be able to tell the right word use which often leads to mistakes that might change the delivery of the intended message.

Benefits of Using Greek Human Translation Services

While machine translation can be quicker and cheaper, the cohesion and consistency of the translation can be questionable. Therefore, human translation is better. Here’s why:

  • Cultural Knowledge

Human translators can adapt culturally acceptable words and modify a file’s confusing aspects. This is something that automated translation software might fail to do, thus delivering the message in a culturally insensitive manner.

  • Technical Knowledge and Language Nuances

Native Greek translators with the technical know-how of the specific field the work covers can translate the work into a document that seems like it was initially written in Greek. They have deep knowledge of the subject matter and native words, which automated translations lack.

  • Sentiments and Tone

Translation software has a low emotional quotient and translates a file word for word. On the other hand, a human translator can creatively translate light or heavy moments into Greek without losing those aspects.

Final Thoughts

When hiring a company for your next project, it is crucial to choose one that will give you value for your money by providing transcripts and translations to or from Greek that are as accurate as possible. At,

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