How To Create Memorable Branding At Your Next Work Event

Branding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about your next work event, but don’t underestimate the positive effect memorable branding can have within a work event context.

Branding a corporate event is a fantastic way to spread the word about your company’s products, services, and latest news. Compared to your standard press release or marketing campaign, event branding allows you to reach lots of key people at once and spread the word in a real, exciting, and dynamic way.

Here’s how to create memorable branding at your next work event.

Prepare Ahead of the Event

You can do a lot of the branding work before your event even begins! Drum up some pre-event excitement by posting on social media. Come up with a snappy hashtag which guests can share on Twitter and Instagram in the run-up to the night, and make sure you plaster this hashtag across your digital and physical branding during the event, too.

If you’re planning a launch of a new product or project, think about creating a ‘countdown’ across your social media platforms. Top tip: Instagram lets you add a countdown effect to your Stories – perfect for reminding guests how many days are left until your big announcement.

Invest in a Neon Sign or LED Light

 Having your company’s name or slogan in lights is becoming the trend for event branding. There’s no better way to make your name or logo stand out than literally lightning it up.

The great thing about investing in a neon sign or LED light is that you can use it time and time again. A portable one can be moved from your office or shop to your event venue.

Guests will love having their photo taken next to a glitzy light – it makes for a perfect Instagram backdrop and doubles as a brand-promoting tool for your company.

Hire a Digital Photo Booth

 You can’t escape photo booths these days – they’re in bars, at weddings, at children’s parties, and now at corporate events.

Photobooths may seem like a luxury item you can’t afford to add to your event, but think again. They are a fantastic way to advertise your company’s name and logo and give your guests a digital print to take away with them to always remind them of your event.

Brands like Event Rhino work with their customers to create attention-grabbing corporate events. Their cutting-edge photobooth technology enables fully branded and customisable prints, turning guests into loyal brand advocates.

Photobooths from Event Rhino even allow for real-time sharing to social media, perfect for capturing the spirit of your event (and your company) and spreading the word about it.

Make it All Match

When it comes to branding an event, the physical touches on your décor, food, and drinks, can make all the difference. These are the details that attendees remember and tell people about (think about events you’ve been to where you’ve loved – or hated – the food!).

It’s simple enough to add branding to physical items at your event. For example, you can make cupcakes where the icing is the same colour as your logo. You could hire a bartender who can create a custom cocktail which has a name or ingredients which link to your company branding.

If you’re in the food or drink business, of course you need to serve the products you’re selling – it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t. Thinking about décor, there are companies out there can add your logo to balloons, or you could create a balloon arch at relatively low cost yourself in your brand colours. The options are endless!

Give Out a Goodie Bag

Everyone loves a freebie, and a lot of companies have excess marketing materials that are simply taking up space in the office.

So, kill two birds with one stone and give out corporate freebies at your next event. This doesn’t have to break the bank – think pens, USB sticks, reusable water bottles, travel cups, you name it.

Try and invest in branded items which your customer will actually use. The more nifty and handy the item is, the more they’ll use it, and the more brand exposure you’ll receive as a result.

With brands like Supa Dupa Fly offering further possibilities for stunning events for organisations like yours – including brunches and club nights – that are aligned with your brand values, you are only really limited by your imagination when you are arranging your next work event. Bear the above ideas in mind as you look to put together the most memorable branding at your event.