What Makes the Perfect Business Brochure?

Utilising booklet printing online to find the perfect business brochure entails a few different unique steps. There are several things that you need to fully consider before a business brochure goes to print – one of the most important being the printing services that you use to print your brochure before it is sent out to the masses. We’ve put together a handy list on what you should do before a printed booklet hits the doorsteps of your potential customers.

Think About The Materials Used

One of the most important aspects of a printed brochure used for promotional purposes is the stock that it is printed on. If you are posting out a small leaflet on paper that feels like it’ll break to the touch, this won’t have the impact that you are hoping for. The exact material you use will depend on the message you are attempting to send out into the world.

You do want a robust material that can withstand the printing process, the posting, the handling, and one that will remain in good condition after it has been read and flicked through a few times by the reader. Producing a sturdy, glossy, professional looking business brochure will show potential customers that you mean business, boosting the credibility of your brand immediately. Choose a printing stock that feels elegant and will stand out to your readers.

Consider The Design Of The Brochure

Next comes the design of the brochure as a whole. It could be that you have an in-house designer, or you work with an outsourced designer or the printing company of choice itself. It doesn’t matter how luxurious the printed material looks and feels like if the design and layout of the brochure doesn’t work.

You need to consider how to maximise its potential by choosing the right type of folding options, a colour scheme that matches your brand, and imagery that really stands out. Don’t overload the brochure with too much of one thing – be that content, design, photography, and make sure there are not huge swathes of blank space and empty pages, as this is not a cost-effective way to produce business brochures.

Professional Photography To Enrich And Enhance

One way to maximise the potential of your business brochure is to include professionally taken photographs and well-designed imagery, logos, and colour scheme, that drastically improves the message you are trying to get across. Although you have more time to make a good first impression in print than you do online, you do still need to make an impact straight away. Professional photography with good lighting helps to enhance your products and services, whether you are showcasing a shirt, a watch, a car, or a house for sale. Imagery and photos should dominate.

Think About The Copy

Carefully crafted words used to enhance the experience for the reader. High quality copy will take the reader to where you want them to go, guiding them towards the actions that will make an enquiry, make the decision to purchase your products or services, and to have that positive impression of your brand. Clearly defined copy that engages with the reader is the perfect way to bring everything together within the perfect business brochure.

Estate Agent Brochure: A Quick Case Study

To look at a specific industry and how seeking a booklet maker or booklet printing service could benefit a brand, let’s look at an estate agent. Now, you know that an estate agent has plenty to try and get across to potential buyers and customers. If a property brochure is being put together, there might be specific listings in place of properties for sale.

In these cases, it is vital that the photography used is of the highest quality, and that all the information is succinct, to the point, but importantly, accurate. Aside from the photography, one aspect of property listings that is vital to potential buyers and handy within a brochure format is that of a floor plan and map.

A well-designed floor plan, placed in the right place within a brochure makes it much easier for a potential buyer to visualise the property and imagine themselves living there. If you can cleverly combine the floor plan with specific photographs to emphasise the point this can go a long way to drawing in potential buyers.

As you can see, once you’ve been through this list of tips and what to think about when putting together a business brochure, you can then go ahead with confidence. The best way to do that is with an online booklet printing service that allows you to showcase your brand in a way that resonated with the potential customers, a handy business brochure that has been expertly designed and put together, includes bright, glossy imagery and photographs, the right amount of written content, and really makes a good impression in helping your overall brand perception.