How to Make a Supply Chain More Sustainable

The business brand is where a company’s values interact with its target customers, the business’s reputation as a whole is contained in the brand, and it is something that’s worth protecting. Make sure your supply chain supports the efforts of your brand to become more sustainable.

supply chain sustainable

Target Issues  

Businesses that are serious about making their supply chain more sustainable need to be ready to audit their supply chain and target the issues. In general, supply chain issues stem from distances and efficiencies; transportation is always going to create avoidable carbon emissions. 

Start by breaking the supply chain down into manageable components such as manufacturing, haulage, packaging, and health and safety practices. When you have a clear overview of the processes, you can then make decisions about addressing them as sustainably as possible.  

Circular Supply Chain 

Supply chains have many moving parts; the materials are shipped to the manufacturer, which then creates the products. The products are sent through distribution channels to their destinations, and when they have been used, the items finally end their life in the landfills. 

Circular supply chains seek to break this linear process by eliminating waste where possible. Instead of waste products going to landfill at the end of the line, the recycled products are sent back to the manufacturer and then reused. A circular supply chain is much more sustainable

Fuel Consumption 

When it comes to making a supply chain greener, there are some things you can change, but there are other things that businesses can only adapt to, one of which is fuel consumption. Where possible, it makes sense to reduce the distance between depots and save on fuel. 

In reality, this is not always possible. One solution is to encourage drivers to stop idling their engines and invest in electric vehicles. Another way is to invest in aerodynamic improvements for vehicles. Although this requires an upfront cost, it can offer financial and ecological savings.   

Fulfilment Services 

Modify your fulfilment services if you want to make your supply chain more sustainable. A comprehensive fulfilment service can optimize your network and makes implementing changes easier and more effective. E-commerce fulfilment services are a bespoke supply chain solution. 

Whether you are an established business or a small business getting started, it makes sense to partner with a professional fulfilment service that takes your business values into account. Start the way you mean to continue with a fulfilment service that is flexible and comprehensive. 

Smart Suppliers 

A supply chain is called a supply chain for nothing; the products you sell to your customers begin and end in the distribution network that you build or partner with, so if you want to create a values-based business and an authentic brand for your customers, you need smart suppliers. 

Even if you can’t partner with the ideal supply, in the beginning, you can create conversations that support your values as your business develops. Put sustainability at the centre of your business and create incentives for your suppliers to make some more sustainability efforts.