Mastering Passive Income With 3Commas Crypto Bot

3Commas is a crypto trading bot that allows users to automate their trading. Essentially, the bot connects to your trading account and executes trades according to the strategy you set.


3Commas offers a range of features on its platform, including real-time web access, trading logic import and export, and an in-house bot development language. Overall, it’s truly a great tool for automating your cryptocurrency transactions, especially if you’re a beginner trader. So, let’s take a look at its features, that you can utilize to make a steady passive profit.

A Trading Bot Tailored For Beginners

As mentioned, 3Commas is designed for traders who are just starting out in the crypto marketplace. It’s easy for anyone to use as long as you have some computer experience. This is because 3Comma runs on Python, which is a simple programming language that’s easy to understand and edit with a text editor. There are also online resources available for learning Python if you need help.

3Comma bots are customizable and highly efficient in their operations. They have various settings that can be modified based on each trader’s needs and preferences. These settings include:

There are also several ways to connect the bot to a trading platform – directly, through an API or through one of the trading platforms’ web interfaces. 

3Commas can be downloaded and installed on any Windows or Linux computer. Once installed, 3Commas acts as a Windows or Linux service that runs in the background. Whenever a cryptocurrency is purchased or sold, 3Commas performs the necessary functions to trade cryptocurrency using your bank account.

Customizable Bots

3Commas allows users to create their own bots with the help of a wizard system. The wizard system allows users to easily customize the bots and modify the trading strategies used by the bot. You can also change the rates used by the bot, as well as the languages used for communication between the bot and the user. 

The platform offers a wide range of crypto trading bots to choose from. The bots are divided into four categories: Expert, Professional, Semi-professional and Beginner. Each category contains different bots based on the features they have. For example, there are 12 expert bots, 14 professional bots, 4 semi-professional bots, and 4 beginner bots to choose from. All of these bots are constantly being updated and improved thanks to user feedback.

With one of the paid pricing plans, it’s also easy to import settings from other 3Commas’ bots into your new bot. This is helpful if you want to use the same settings as someone else – at a fraction of the cost. 

For example, you could import the settings from 3Commas’ forex bot into your crypto trading bot. Doing so would allow you to quickly setup alerts, monitoring tools and much more. Essentially, you can tailor your bot based on what you need it to do without paying for additional licenses. Generally speaking, copying other traders’ strategies is a great way to learn from more experienced traders and avoid losses.

Real-Time Monitoring

User accounts on 3Commas come with real-time access to all of their bots’ status updates and performance indicators via web interface. This allows them to see all of their bots in action without needing any additional software. It also gives them complete control over each bot’s settings and strategies without needing any developer skills. 

This is an incredible feature that ensures all users know exactly how their bots are performing 24/7 without needing any assistance from the Support Team or manual adjustments by the user. Of course, if you do need it, 3Commas has a Support Team that is available via chat or email and can help you troubleshoot your bot’s functionality.

Several Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are another feature 3Commas makes accessible for their users: there’s a free plan, but several paid plans are available as well. Paid plans offer greater flexibility and allow you to import settings from other 3Commas’ bots into your new bot. 

Furthermore, paid plans allow for 24/7 support, custom backgrounds and alerts with voice recognition. If these features sound appealing, there’s nothing holding you back from trying them out.


Overall, crypto traders shouldn’t have much difficulty with utilizing 3Commas. It is an exceptional tool for both experienced and new crypto traders alike. It’s easy to use, customizable and highly efficient in its operations – making it ideal for new traders just starting out in the crypto marketplace.

On the other hand, experienced traders can use 3Commas as a backup plan bot or as part of their trading setup with multiple cryptocurrencies and trading platforms linked to it via API configuration settings. No matter if you’re a newbie or an advanced user, we wish you good luck with making that passive income with 3Commas. And to check out other trading bots, visit ScammerWatch.

Author: Michael Klias

Crypto enthusiast with over 7 years of professional experience. I am passionate about blockchain, finance and technology.