Exploring Top 5 Best Headless eCommerce Platforms

Emerging at the forefront of technological innovation, headless eCommerce platforms are the breakthrough solution for online businesses to keep up with the latest technologies and reach the ever-evolving touchpoints related to them. According to Forbes, approximately $1.65 billion in financing was obtained for headless technologies in 2020–2021 alone, and as more eCommerce companies compete to stay up with current trends, this figure is certain to increase.

Nowadays, customers have access to more efficient and smooth payment methods because of the eCommerce industries’ remarkable expansion and choosing the finest and most suitable payment gateway is crucial for creating a tailored client experience. Moving forward, we will explore the top 5 headless eCommerce platforms and their payment facilities.

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Shopify Plus

As a premier headless eCommerce solution, Shopify Plus enables eCommerce shop owners to convert any digital display or device into a sales channel. It is based on the Ruby on Rails framework, which enables the building of adaptable stores for all devices. Shopify Pay can be integrated with over 20 different sales channels and more than 100 different payment processors, including social, mobile, and one-field checkout options. Built-in features such as Shopify Flow and Launchpad allow organisations to offer businesses a B2B channel as a self-service storefront for high-volume buyers.


Introducing a cutting-edge, exactly® the all-in-one payment solution that offers customization for each merchant. exactly® offers a hosted or integrated payment page, based on your company requirements, with modifiable interfaces in line with your objectives. There are two forms of integration available: API and CMS plugins. Nevertheless, the type of integration a merchant may utilize relies on several criteria, including the type of website the shop resides on, the technical skills of the merchant’s team, commercial objectives, etc.

Furthermore, the payment solution is completely PCI-compliant and equipped with antifraud and 3D Secure 2 features to enhance consumer safety and satisfaction. In all instances, exactly®’s user-friendly and straightforward dashboard and adjustable reports enable you to acquire vital insights into your e-commerce operation.


Wix is a well-known website builder that enables users to construct and design their own websites. The option to collect payments on your website is one of the capabilities of Wix Payments, allowing you to take credit cards and other payment methods through your website. Overall, Wix facilitates more than 50 payment gateways across the globe, such as Wix Payments, Apple Pay, Stripe, Square, PayPal, Affirm, and Afterpay.

In the case of chargebacks, the policy of Wix Payments is considerably more user-friendly since they will return the money to the buyer without charging you a fee as the seller. Besides, by utilising Wix Payments, you do not move your customers to a separate page to pay, but instead, keep them on your site. This results in a higher conversion rate for your website, helps your conversion rate maintain a lower bounce rate, and ultimately aids in SEO.


BigCommerce provides an extensive range of tools, from marketing to analytics, high-quality design choices, and an abundance of support from industry professionals for digital eCommerce enterprises. This platform offers more than 65 different payment options, in addition to 600 different app partners, unlimited bandwidth, and no transaction fees. On top of being mobile-friendly and PCI-compliant, BigCommerce’s pre-integrated payment gateways incur no additional fees (unlike Shopify’s 2% fee for merchants that use a third-party method).


Medusa is an open-source headless commerce platform designed with an abstraction-based architecture. Since it is more extendible and simpler to customise than other platforms, the freedom to choose whatever payment methods you want is undeniably one of the primary advantages of using Medusa. Straight out of the gate, Medusa is compatible with a multitude of payment methods, including Stripe, Klarna, Adyen, and PayPal. Because Medusa is open source, its payment API may be readily extended to interface with any payment solution of your choosing.