How To Advertise Your Local Business

Starting your own local business requires a lot of planning. Having a good idea and finding the right marketplace is only the start of the battle. You need to have the right marketing strategies for your product or services, otherwise, your business will never reach prospective clients.

Effective marketing campaigns can promote your business to your target audience, helping you to increase your customer base. But what kinds of marketing strategies are most effective for local businesses?

How To Advertise Your Tutoring Business

Finding the right clients for a tutoring business can be done in a few ways. With a focus on advertising locally, you could create flyers and brochures, and post them around the local area. You could also see if your local town has any kind of newsletter that you could advertise on. These are simple, cost-effective ways to advertise your tutoring business.

You could also consider advertising with local schools or educational institutions. Schools tend to have bulletin boards or newsletters of their own, which can be great exposure for your business, and you would be sure to be reaching your target audience.

Social Media can also be an excellent tool to help you gain exposure for your business. Creating a Facebook page or even your own webpage can greatly increase your reach if done right. Always include keywords, such as the area you are in, and what is it you precisely teach. Adding location information could also be helpful.

If a customer were to Google search “tutoring near me” then you would want to come up in a local search. Including relevant location information can tell Google where exactly you are, and this will hopefully make your business appear in more local searches, further increasing your exposure.

The best ways to advertise your tutoring business are:

  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Speaking to schools
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media

How to Advertise Your Dog Walking Business

Dog walking is important to exercise for everyone’s beloved pet, but not everyone can make the time for it. Having a dog walking service can be a good source of a side income. You could also offer dog sitting if you have the time for it.

Much like a tutoring service, you could advertise this business via flyers or brochures. You may want to look at a smaller area compared to a tutoring business, as you would want to find pet owners within a suitable distance to yourself. Only try to advertise to homes within a distance that you feel is appropriate.

Another aspect of advertising that can come with this kind of business is word-of-mouth. Existing customers who use your service may speak to their friends or people around their neighbourhood about the service that your offer. If it is a small town or village, word of mouth might travel easily, making your business well-known. Word of mouth is a form of indirect marketing. By providing good and consistent service, your business can receive new opportunities with no direct effort at all.

The best ways to advertise your dog walking business are:

  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Social Media
  • Posting on Council bulletin boards
  • Word-of-mouth

How To Advertise Your Music Lessons

Social media is a great tool for advertising music lessons. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be used to find clients within your area as well as from a wider area. Decide what skill level you want to be teaching at and make sure your adverts cater to that area.

You could also consider advertising that you offer online music lessons. The benefit of online courses is that they offer your clients the opportunity to learn from you while staying at home, cutting back on travel. They also give you the option to widen your business area, while also giving nearby clients more options on how they want to use your business.

Of course, some people can find it more difficult to learn online and prefer to learn in person, so be sure to offer both options.

The best ways to advertise your music lessons are:

  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Speaking to local institutions
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media


When you run a small business, you should look for cost-effective ways to get exposure. One of the best ways to do this would be through print media such as flyers, or newsletters. You could post on local bulletin boards or relevant areas such as schools if you are a tutor.

Find groups that share common interests online and advertise there. You can also create your own website (If you have the time and knowledge for it), which will further help with your exposure. There are plenty of platforms that can help with website building. Registering as a business and having a website might also help you come up with more local Google searches.