Keeping Track of Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio: A Step-by-Step Guide

The biggest issue with the cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring market right now is that there are just too many companies fighting for your attention without really stating which of their qualities make them a good fit for the job.

Because of this, you will learn the crucial standards to evaluate the bitcoin portfolio trackers you choose in this post.

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Find out more by reading on how to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio

Automated Procedures for Accessibility

The desire for a single dashboard to track all of their assets is one reason people utilize crypto portfolio trackers.

The time it takes to check on your multiple online accounts every few days is the same; therefore, there is no use in setting up or even using this single Dashboard. A tracker’s primary purpose shouldn’t be quickly checking your portfolio’s performance.

From the time you enter your cryptocurrency accounts to when you check on them afterwards, a crypto portfolio tracker must be simple.

These days, using a tracker shouldn’t be at all challenging. You should be able to check on the status of your assets at any time and from any location. Often, this ease of use is a result of automated systems. You won’t ever have to edit your assets’ values again manually.

At the Highest Levels of Protection

The digital currency known as “cryptocurrency” is managed via a decentralized network called “blockchain.” No governmental body or group has any influence over this network or any of its participants. In other words, this suggests that once a crypto transaction has been initiated, it is nearly impossible to stop it.

How does it affect cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, though?

They Should Strengthen Their Defences

Customers of portfolio trackers must make efforts to ensure that hazardous actors cannot access their cryptocurrency accounts through these trackers, and portfolio trackers themselves must take precautions to ensure this does not happen.

It’s not too difficult to determine which cryptocurrency portfolio monitors take security seriously. Check their websites to check if they use two-factor authentication and encrypt the information they have access to. Trackers that don’t even access their users’ passwords or other sensitive account information earn bonus points. Instead, they left it in the hands of their reliable data aggregators.

Integration of the Whole Portfolio

A well-diversified portfolio is necessary for long-term wealth generation and preservation, as is widely known.

The drawback of diversifying into many asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, is that it can be challenging to understand how they all interact to affect your portfolio.

Any portfolio tracker that purports to compress your net worth and other crucial financial information into a single display should translate the value of each asset into your preferred currency in real-time, regardless of the currency initially purchased.


Keeping track of your assets, investments, and net worth is essential.

After all, you can only effectively manage and improve what you can track and evaluate.

And with bitcoin, a particularly volatile asset, monitoring, measuring, and managing your holdings is more crucial than anywhere else.