The Cycle: Frontier – Guide To Solo Play

The Cycle: Frontier, one of the most well-known games of the modern era, is a loot-focused extraction shooting game with thrilling PvE and PvP components.

Although it is much harder for players to survive in the treacherous lush forests of the planet Fortuna, there is no denying the thrill each game brings. Being somewhat intimidating initially, the Cycle Frontier is a unique experience after you understand its ins and outs.

The Cycle Frontier’s solo play is very different from other multiplayer games, making it more fun. Here are a few cycle frontier cheats that assist you through your single run unscathed.

Solo Play Guide to The Cycle: Frontier

To keep moving without getting hit by enemy bullets, learn these tips and tricks if you are playing solo in The Cycle: Frontier. 

  • Never Being In One Location

It is never a good idea to remain immobile in a game like The Cycle Frontier unless your stamina level decreases. It is essential to constantly switch spots during the game to prevent getting killed early on. 

To avoid becoming an easy target for adversaries, constantly change locations, take new covers, or find new spots. This would also aid you in fending off the dangerous local wildlife.

  • Follow The Sounds

It would be best to act shrewdly when playing solo because your squad is not watching every move. Since anybody might strike at any time and from any angle, you must remain vigilant and pay attention to every sound. 

You may rapidly determine where your adversary is located by paying attention to the sound of gunfire and attempting to find it on the map. To listen better, use good headphones and turn up the in-game sound; never play with the sound turned off. 

This tip will come in handy, especially if there is a storm or total blackout and you are forced to rely solely on your hearing and headphones.

  • Avoid Taking Too Many Gears

Bringing too much stuff is the most common beginner error in The Cycle: Frontier. The greater the potential loss if you pass away, the more luggage you bring to assist you in getting by.

Travel light since it’s simple to misplace all that gear in seconds, especially if you’re a new person. The air is frequently filled with gunshots and buckshot if you’re playing on Crescent Falls, so take extra precautions. 

The insurance cost is also pretty low when you travel light, and you’ll have plenty of room for other stuff once you start exploring Fortuna.

  • Being In One Fight

It would be best if you remembered a few things when traveling alone, and one of them is to avoid becoming embroiled in several conflicts. 

Even seasoned gamers attempt to avoid scenarios where they must battle both a monster and an adversary simultaneously since they are a surefire formula for catastrophe, even if you are forced to choose the easiest opponent to defeat. 

However, keep in mind that you should only engage in one fight at a time, especially if you have someone to support or cover you.

  • Explore More

Your drop pod should land, and you should immediately start running toward the closest node. Most remote map locations typically have little value because other players drop in frequently. 

The riskiest approach to gaining resources and gear is moving farther in, but it is also the most constant. As a rule, other players rush right to the map’s center. So, even though it’s always busier, there are frequently more nodes and loot lying around.

  • Carry Stims

In this game, stimuli serve as medkits. Due to loadout weight restrictions, you might want to carry only a few, but you should indeed have a few. 

A Strong Stim may be purchased from their shop if you have amassed enough FP using Osiris. This heals more. Hence it is superior to standard stamps.

  • Update Your Inventory

In this game, you should constantly be upgrading your inventory. However, if you’re playing by yourself, cycle frontier cheats suggest you improve your Safe Pockets. The weight restriction for Safe Pockets is initially relatively low. 

However, it may be raised at your Quarters. During your deployment, store any valuable goods in your Safe Pockets. This is true because objects in safe pockets do not disappear when you pass away. 

Put expensive items first, like high-end ammo. However, you may exchange goods for valuable ones you find on the field, such as Dustblooms.


Of course, you also want to generate money for yourself, so you may upgrade your equipment and improve the planet’s quality of life. Fans of Escape From Tarkov will quickly recognize The Cycle: Frontier’s gameplay cycle because the goals are similar. 

That’s all there is to it; hopefully, these pointers will help you get your solo exploration of The Cycle Frontier off to a good start.