How To Make Your Workspace More Productive 

A business’s lifeblood is its productivity. If you want your employees – or yourself – to be more productive, it may come down to how your workplace is set up and how it looks. Not just the location, but also how your office furniture and equipment are set up, how people move from one area to another, and how your office feels as a whole. Read on to find out how to set things up in just the right way to ensure you get the best level of productivity from everyone. 

workplace productive


Lighting is one of the most crucial ways to stay focused and feel inspired to create, but it’s also one of the most ignored and least invested in. Bad lighting can make people tired, irritable, and give them headaches. Dark places can actually make people feel unhappy.

If you work in an office for a company, you probably don’t have control over the lighting, so if you need to, bring your own. Think about using natural bulbs or a device for light therapy. Or try to get a desk near the window. If you work from home, you can open the doors and windows to let in natural light. Putting lamps in different places when it’s dark or cloudy can help ensure your room stays as light as possible. 

Indoor Plants 

When people tell you to get close to nature and put plants on your desk, it’s not just for looks. Plants in pots near your office and on your desk help clean the air around you and create an atmosphere that makes you feel calm and creative. They are an excellent way to get employees to be more positive and motivated and to help them feel less stressed. So, there are a lot of good things about plants, and you can put them in your workplace to make you more productive.


Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets can help you stay organised and get things done, but they can also be a massive distraction and waste of time. Find a place for your devices and keep them there. This will save you a lot of time.

We all have so many screens that want our attention these days, so make a “home” for your phone, smartwatch, and other devices that could be a distraction. Keep them in one place while you work so that a continuous stream of notifications won’t get in the way. A drawer is a good place to put your electronics, for example. If you don’t see it, you won’t remember it.


If you’ve ever sat at a desk to do work but had to adjust, stretch, and move around too much to stay focused, you know how important it is to have a desk and chair that fit you well. In today’s workplaces, where many of us spend most of the day sitting, it’s important that your chair fits your body ergonomically.

Buy a good chair from Waterfront Warehouse, or use a few cushions to make the one you have more comfortable. If the desk is too high, those same cushions will help. If it is too low, you could buy leg raisers at your local hardware store and put books under your computer to raise the monitor.